Since 2010, we have been working with clients to imagine and build software that people love to use. And we think we’re different. Leapfrog is founded on a commitment to customer happiness and pride in craftsmanship. We care about who we work for and the quality of work we deliver, and that shows in the results we produce together.


Talented people, working together

Our principals have built successful startups, have been leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and led local and remote product development teams.

They are avid learners and constantly use their experience to improve efficiency by investing in the most effective modern productivity practices and tools. Their natural curiosity, commitment, and unwavering dedication to customer success encourages Leapfroggers to grow into talented problem solvers of tomorrow. Since inception in 2010, Leapfrog has earned the trust of more than 200 customers worldwide.


Leapfrog is the world's engineering department.

Our mission is to be the best and most trusted technology services company to execute your digital vision. We have imprinted a culture of service, inclusiveness and improving our people by constantly validating our own abilities, programming and processes metered by how happy you are.

For you,

You will be working with people that deeply care about your success.

Leapfroggers will cherish being part of your team, and hopefully we earn your trust when you experience our habit of attention and technical excellence at all times.

For us,

Our mission means listening to you, understanding your problems and providing you with an optimal team of consultants, designers and technologists.

It also means commitment to keep getting better and be abreast of industry trends in building the greatest possible digital experiences.