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Today, businesses that personalize their user and employee experiences are more successful and efficient. We are experts in helping companies personalize product, user, and business experiences with AI recommendation systems.

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence

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We work at the highest velocity without compromising on the quality of the product we deliver.



We know you need to move fast to win. Turnkey teams engage immediately and grow to accommodate new ideas and needs.



Levaraging our domain expertise and implementing it with AI, we transform your ideas into innovative solutions.


Meet Caboom

We built a "nocode" product that helps you create AI recommendation and personalization systems without writing a single line of code.

Leapfrog’s AI playbook, team, and their expertise helped health care startup to test out and implement our transformation into an AI-driven product. Their team of product managers and data analysts helped us bridge business goals with model choices. They were focused on getting to insights and iterating on them. Leapfrog’s team then integrated the final AI models into our product. Leapfrog’s team is fast, smart, and agile.

Tim Darling

Tim Darling

Chief Analytics Officer and Founder, Laudio, Boston

How can we help?



Align AI strategy to your products effortlessly with the help of our highly experienced team of data science and ML experts.



Jumpstart your AI strategy with our AI playbook to achieve quick wins, quick iterations, and agile mindset.

Tools & Tech

Tools & Tech

Find the right problems to solve with AI using proper tools and technology. We use state of the art tools, frameworks and infrastructure platforms.

Master the Art of Implementing AI in Your Product

AI Playbook

Area of Expertise

Natural Language Processing

Create systems that extract meaning from human language (written or spoken) through chatbots, OCR, sentiment analyzers, document classifiers, topic models etc.

Computer Vision

Use Deep Learning and Image Processing techniques to understand the content of images and videos to detect, identify, segment, and track objects.

Recommendation Systems

Utilize user preference and behavioral information to personalize applications and services to show them the right product and the right time.

Machine Learning

Design and build state-of-the-art predictive models to provide business insights and deploy the Machine Learning pipelines in your applications.

Time Series Analysis

Help companies create accurate forecasts of future sales and finances, identify user trends, and causal impact of marketing campaigns, etc

Data Engineering

Deploy scalable data pipelines for structures and unstructured data to drive the Machine Learning models in cloud and in-house servers.

Our Tools

We work with best of breed tools and technology to drive your AI transformation.


Tensor Flow
Scikit Learn




Google Cloud

Our Projects

Personalized interactions with nurses using Machine Learning

We developed algorithms to match and optimize communication between per diem nurses and hospital shifts for a major online nurse staffing platform in the US.

Prediction of High Risk Employees with Machine Learning

We deployed an interpretable machine learning model for predicting employees with high risk of churn in hospitals.

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