The Best of 2020 – Looking Back and Looking Forward

2020 is a special year for us. We are lucky and grateful to have made it through this year. This year has certainly been challenging, but it has also helped us put things in perspective and given us reasons to keep fighting and striving for higher goals.

A lot of things changed this year. Social distancing became a rule to follow and our social life became limited to social media. We had to change the ways we teach, learn, work, and even have fun. 

And Working remotely became the new normal for some of us. This new normal became a part of Leapfrog too. 

Leapfrog went fully remote in March of this year, but our family feels more connected than ever. We live more in zoom meetings, have the same all-hands regardless of timezone differences, and we have leveled up the ways we work asynchronously.

With this new norm, we miss the commute to the office. Our everyday bonding with our colleagues – office banter, fun conversations, having lunch together and the list goes on. Who would have thought we would miss shaking hands? If you are working from your home, you can surely relate to this.  

While it’s unfortunate, being able to go virtual has definitely been a luxury as well. Working remotely has allowed us to find new ways of connecting and moving forward together.

Leapfrog - Stronger than ever

Leapfrog Continues Growing 

Despite the difficult period, we were able to add new Leapfroggers in the pool. In 2020, the total number of Leapfroggers has reached 278. We are pleased to onboard over 60 talented individuals in our ever-growing Leapfrog family.

And it doesn’t stop there. We were thrilled by the number of people who applied to our internship program. Internships at Leapfrog is an opportunity looked forward to by thousands of freshers and students. This year alone, we received 2769 applications. After a thorough selection process, 60 of them joined the Leapfrog Family.

Leapfrog Internship 2020

Together, we kicked off 23 new projects and released 15 products. We are proud of everyone in Leapfrog. Despite the pandemic, we were able to work together to provide world-class services to our customers. 

So far, yet so close

We miss the fun events in the office. I bet everyone does. Well, you certainly would if you are a part of Leapfrog. 😉

All Leapfrog’s 2020 events went virtual during this pandemic. There were certain challenges to conduct these events with the feeling of togetherness and fun. The events team put in hard work to make all the events successful, and we made the best out of the circumstances we are in.

We were working from home, celebrating successes through Zoom calls. While we were unable to eat lunch together, we certainly ate a fair amount. 189,360 plates of dal-bhat to be precise, but who’s counting!! 

There was some other astonishing news as well. Four of our Leapfroggers welcomed newborns into their family and seven more tied the knot with their significant others. We wish them all the best for their future.

Balancing work and staying connected

Of course, online tools and technologies were there to save us all while working remotely. From work discussions to catching up on gossip, Slack has been our go-to tool. And we made the most out of Meeting Room apps like Zoom.

Leapfroggers connected virtually throughout the 2020 and the widespread leapfrog family is connected closer than ever. We manage to sit in the same zoom meetings and company all-hands regardless of the different time zones.

It is hard to imagine how we may have pulled this through. This data right here is pretty awesome.

Leapfroggers had 6,273,418 Slack Messages, 9948 pull requests, 1,938,667 minutes on Zoom / 3000 hours on Zoom. And, we are not even counting all the time we’ve spent on Google Meet or other platforms.

Leapfrog initiatives, creating values virtually this year

  • Leapfrog WIT Initiative

The elimination of gender-based bias on tech is not an easy feat. We have taken the first step from within Leapfrog to create a better workplace for women. We are also encouraging the participation of women in the tech industry.

WoMen@Leapfrog comprises 5 groups, 5 team leads, and 22 team members (continuously growing) who are actively working together to inspire and uplift the future generations of women in Leapfrog. We have also partnered with Women’s Leaders in Technology (WLiT) and have organized many internal events within Leapfrog.

Women Leaders in Technology

The main goal is to make the tech sector a good place to work and encourage women to think about long term career prospects in the industry. We wish for it to be an open platform to share concerns, create and discuss ideas to uplift women in general.

  • Leapfrog Education Initiative

Leapfrog has been taking a step in innovating education by leveraging technologies. Edtech is one of our main domains. We aim to improve teaching-learning practices by making education accessible to everyone and innovating learning with technologies. 

Even while working remotely, we successfully conducted an event called ‘Hack-ed’. It is a three-day online hackathon, with a mission to change the way we teach, learn, and think about education. 

Leapfrog’s Mission with Education

Adhyayan School is one of our partner schools. This year, Adhyayan was able to successfully transition to remote learning. At Adhyayan, we have undertaken the Reggio Emilia approach and introduced design thinking in our curriculum.

Adhyayan School

This year, we also initiated a mission to teach coding to children. We built a python curriculum and have been conducting virtual classes via google classroom every week. 

We are more than happy to have 80 new students admitted to the Adhyayan school. With Adhyayan, we aim to help students to enhance their learning experience and make them future-ready.

Leapfrog’s Awesome Events in 2020

One of our major webinars this year was, ‘Webinars from the Future’. We covered everything from design thinking to design handovers in our month of learning through five different webinars. It was our attempt at educating and encouraging designers to take a solution-oriented approach. 


We are glad to have successfully conducted different events that provided value to people within and beyond the company. The other events were Frogtoberfest – Open source community challenge and Microsoft Ignite. We also successfully built our LeapNetwork community and reached a milestone by adding 1000 members to the community.  

Global Microsoft 365 Developer Bootcamp

LeapNetwork is an invite-only community of Nepalese tech enthusiasts based in and outside of Nepal. Expect to hear more about our community through various channels.

In total, we had 36 awesome internal and external events this year. Some of the exciting events we did internally were Selfie with your bestie, Family feud with our principals, Deusi Bhaillo, Leapfrog quarterly all hands, FrogtoberFest, Leap Talk and many more. These all were conducted virtually but we nailed it!


Leapfrog’s Achievements in 2020

Kicking off New Projects

Leapfrog continued to grow in terms of the project and team size. This year too, we continued to build strong relationships with our clients who have trusted us with more exciting and rewarding undertakings. Together with our awesome partners and Leapfoggers we successfully kicked off 23 new projects this year and released 15 products. 

We continued to pursue the path of excellence

We are proud to have built some awesome products this year. With our awesome Leapfroggers, we were able to build these products that make a difference.


This year, we built Caboom, a “no-code” product that helps you create AI recommendation and personalization systems without writing a single line of code.  Click here to learn more.


In February, as a Microsoft Power Platform solution partner to Hopelink, we built a platform that helps over 600 employees and volunteers save time administering, managing, and serving their clients.

CCMR Insights

Powered by Ed-Fi, our CCMR Insights solution was released this spring to districts in Texas. CCMR Insights tracks college, career, and military readiness metrics and has impacted over 140K students.


We celebrated with Tribute Mentorship win at the Seattle Angel Conference XVII — making Sarah Haggard (CEO) one of the very few female founders to achieve the honor.


We helped develop Recovvo, a distributed content recovery solution that automates secure and efficient transitions of historical communication from past employees to current employees.


We recently launched HONOR, our own recognition, and reward platform. We express and share the gratitude we feel towards our everyday heroes through the HONOR app.

Technology Innovation for a COVID-Proof Future

We helped transform Seattle Visiting Nurses Association’s vaccine delivery process using Microsoft platforms to enable flu vaccinations. SVNA has been approached for COVID-19 vaccination delivery across Washington state.

Signetic Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Solution

With the application, we have been able to help SVNA to ease the vaccination process for both patients and medical practitioners.

Leapfrog Website and Brand Refresh

We are heading into 2021 with a new outlook. We re-designed and launched a brand new version of the Leapfrog website. The new design reflects the growth we have achieved and shows our strong foothold in various industries and domains we work in. Not to mention, everything looks cooler now. 

We expanded our Office Facilities! Hooray! 

His Excellency Ambassador Randy Berry inaugurated the extended wing of our Kathmandu office.

Randy Berry inaugurating the  extended wing of Leapfrog Kathmandu office.

The new facility hosts a brand new hall, leisure, and recreational activities with a beautiful garden helping Leapfroggers get closer to nature.

Learning with Leapfrog

We’ve learned a lot by working with you, and we’ve started sharing our best practices. With the help of awesome people at Leapfrog, we published 45 blogs this year. 

We have now been helping business enterprises to digitally transform for 10 years. Our team understands the ever-changing needs of the modern world and knows better to adapt to the change. Our experienced team covered all the aspects of digital transformation in blogs by referencing our 10 years of experience in digital transformation. . Some of the key coverage include the Definition – What is Digital Transformation, benefits, digital tools and technologies, myths, examples, CEO’s guide and much more about the topic.

We also created some meaningful playbooks related to AI, DevOps, and discovery and design for your learning and reference.

In the year ahead, we will be providing high-value resources to everyone to learn about Leapfrog’s domain, culture, events and broad knowledge on technology, digital transformation and much more.

Making the World a Better Place

Leapfroggers helped to donate to Hiteri Foundation which was utilized to feed 900 people in need. We will continue to extend our help towards the society that we thrive in.

We must provide back to the community.

Looking forward to 2021

Looking back, the year has been eventful, to say the least. The world was hit hard and we were all uncertain and worried about our future. But, we have stayed together and managed to get through with some good news of the vaccine on the horizon. Despite all the chaos, we believe that we have come out on the other end stronger, resolute, and driven to achieve greater heights.

2020 was a special year for us. We are proud and grateful to everyone who’s stuck with us.

The Leapfrog family will continue to grow and spread across multiple countries. We will continue to share our experiences, learnings, and success stories. But most importantly, we hope to get many more opportunities to keep doing what we love.

We will continue innovating and building awesome products for changemakers around the world. We will continue to serve and contribute towards the society that we thrive in. And for those reasons and more, we look forward to what 2021 has in store for us.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and we hope to keep sharing this bond with you. 

Anish Sthapit

Anish is a Digital Marketer at Leapfrog. He loves to create content and help companies to leverage their online presence with the help of digital marketing.

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