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CSPO Training and Bangaluru Trip

This year the company decided to send three candidates for the CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner) training which was being conducted in Bangalore on the 20th and 21st of January, 2016.

Eugene Shrestha, Sharad Raya, and Naved joined the training for two days which was an outstanding experience. The training program was fun and interesting as the trainer Mr. Andreas Wintersteiger had come up with relatable exercises that helped us understand and implement SCRUM better during the exercises itself. Also, how he related the experiences to the subject matter and explained to them was interesting to see and relate to.


Also, during the training, we had a chance to meet people from different renowned companies in India from different backgrounds which helped us realize how different bodies at different companies work and how their working culture is.


Once we got done with the training, we were set to see how the IT companies function in that part of the world. We were scheduled with three companies for the official visits CISCO, Akamai and IBSFintech. The experience was just outstanding as we got to observe the environment of every extremity in sheer size and number. In CISCO, we were received by Mr. Bibhuti Kar, the Sr. Director of CISCO Systems. He showed us around the company and talked us through the processes deployed in the company and the culture of the company. Later on, we were joined by Mr. Deepak Srinivas, Sr. Manager of Engineering for the R & D Lab operations for CISCO. He walked us through the products that were being built in the company while also giving us an insight on how the real-life situations were handled for the customer support and also how people were involved in R&D to come up with the various solutions in the field of networking. It was a rich and vast experience in CISCO, but we had to leave soon as we were scheduled to visit another company the same day.

We then reached IBSFintech, a small company with a total of 50 employees ( including the offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and the USA). Though small but it has already made its mark in the market with three consecutive awards for “Emerging IT Company of the Year 2015”, Solution Provider of the Year 2015 and “Software Product of the Year 2015”. We got a chance to meet Mr. C.M. Grover and Mr. T.M. Manjunath. The co-founders of this company. They shared their inspiring experiences on the efforts and challenges of becoming a product company and managing to stand out in the crowd to make a mark on the industry. The beautiful part was the delicious lunch with a warm, welcoming Indian dishes and some chitchats.


The following day we were welcomed in Akamai, which is a content delivery network or CDN and cloud services, provider. We weren’t officially visiting this one, but Mr. Sai Krishna Katta, a good friend of mine, showed us around the company and helped us understand what was it like to be working for one of the leading companies in the world by sharing his experiences and sharing the culture of the company. Though unsocial, we got to have a glimpse of the culture in Akamai.

During the course of the visit, we not only got the certification and the exposure to the various cultures in various companies but we also got to explore the technological advancements in terms of the wide variety of apps available which ranged from an app to hail a cab to booking a room and a ridiculous one actually to find a parking spot. This was not only an eye-opening experience but a one to get inspired from. A breath of fresh air I should say (though the city is polluted).

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