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Agile Education organizes “Agile Education Meetup”

Agile Education, in collaboration with Leaps and Bonds, an initiation of LeapNetwork* organized its first-ever “Agile Education Meetup” on December 18, 2021.

Powered by Scrum Inc, the Agile Education Program was launched to provide individuals and organizations with a clear path to implement Scrum in a way that delivers results, LeapNetwork said in a statement.

With a vision of leaving a positive, lasting impact in the world of technology, Scrum Inc. initiated the Agile Education Program to create high-quality Scrum training that aligns with the teachings of Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum and signatory of the Agile Manifesto. They have a vision to partner with dedicated, experienced Scrum educators to deliver the training and course curriculum worldwide.

The program was held at Leapfrog Technology’s premises and moderated by Biplab Subedi, Project Manager at Leapfrog. The speakers of the program were Anuja Bhattarai, Software Engineer at Leapfrog Technology and Jyoti Manandhar, Product Owner at Grepsr. The speakers shared their knowledge and experiences about Agile methodology and its impact on software development and overall workflow.

Prakash Aryal, Registered Scrum Trainer at Scrum Inc. and Director of Project Management at COTIVITI Nepal, was an honorable guest of the program.

The objective of the session was to share the knowledge of Agile methodologies with the attendees, reconnect with the people and build a stronger community and networking and PR development.

Around 25 participants comprising tech professionals and enthusiasts attended the “1st Agile Education Meetup.” The program was carried on with a very impactful and knowledgeable session from the speakers, according to the statement.

*LeapNetwork is an exclusive talent community run by Leapfrog Technology Inc.

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