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Design Disco Vol 2: What to expect?

Continuing the legacy of our three successful design events since 2019, we proudly present our latest grand-scale extravaganza. This is the first time we’re going live and physical for this event.

The Design Disco Vol 2 will be an on-site one-day mega conference with inspiring stories and design showcases from seasoned designers as well as students.

This iteration will further exhibit practical insights on leveraging groundbreaking concepts and cutting-edge tools to create meaningful and impactful designs.

About Design Disco

Design Disco offers more than just a groovy affair; it presents a prime opportunity to expand your professional network and foster meaningful collaborations at the core of design.

With industry leaders taking center stage to share their expertise in areas such as product design, motion graphics, branding, graphic design, and immersive media, we hope to explore the profound implications for designers during these transformative times. 

Get ready for an event packed with engaging discussions on various captivating topics, including:

  • The impact of AI on the design industry
  • How designers can use their skills and processes to manage and lead teams
  • Envisioning the next generation of consumer apps

We’ll be diving into a multitude of diverse topics from an incredible lineup of speakers during this event.

If you’ve got your own funky ideas that you think might inspire fellow designers, we invite you to submit them via this form.

Join us as we create an unforgettable experience for exceptional designers like you and leave a lasting impression in this community.

Groovy memories from the vault ⏳

Back in 2021, with our physical offices locked down amidst the global pandemic, we grabbed coffee every Friday morning and tuned in to a new episode of virtual Design Disco for seven weeks straight. 

The main idea for Design Disco back in the day was to highlight the intricacies of our work process at Leapfrog. We had seven episodes covering almost every department that designers collaborate with for projects, events, and other cool endeavors.

Read more about Design Disco 2021

Full-length webinars have been curated in this YouTube playlist: Design Disco full episodes.

We answer some of your questions 🔥

Got questions swirling around your head like a disco ball? We’ve got you covered! 

When and where is this event taking place?

Design Disco 2023 is happening on July 15, Saturday. We’re still looking for the ultimate dance floor that disco-minates good vibes.

Can I be a presenter or speaker at this event?

We are looking for seasoned designers and students who can groove with the latest trends, spin fresh ideas, and light up the stage like a disco ball. 

Submit your proposal and get a chance to share your design journey with the design community! 

Can anyone participate in this event?

Yes, everyone can participate in this event. Whether you’re a student, a working professional, or someone in a completely different field, we will welcome you with open arms. Registration will open soon. 

How can I get tickets for this event?

Simply fill out the registration form, save a seat, and groove to the beat! By the way, it’s completely free. Registration will open soon.

Are there any VIP tickets with any perks available?

Of course! We have exclusive VIP seats available for our social media challenge winners. You can participate via Instagram or TikTok. The challenges will be announced on June 26, 2023.

What will I learn from this event?

You will hear stories from industry leaders and the experiences of fellow designers. We also have awesome work showcases of upcoming talents. It’s an event jam-packed with information, inspiration, and excitement.

Is there a dress code for the event?

While there is no strict dress code, we encourage attendees to embrace their inner disco spirit. Dressing in funky, retro-inspired outfits, or stylish dance attire will add to the overall disco ambiance.

I’m just a beginner in the design field. Can I still attend?

From students to professionals, anybody is free to join as long as you have your attendance confirmed.

Can we attend virtually?

No. This is the biggest design party of the year and we want to share the space with you, and disco-ver new heights in real life.

See you on the dance floor. 💃

Dipshikha Giri

Senior Officer, Marketing & Communications Content curator with 5+ years of experience in content writing and 2 years in marketing.

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