KUIT Meet 2016 — At a Glance

Kathmandu University (KU), one of the most reputed and broadest universities in Nepal recently hosted an annual IT event KUIT meet on 29th and 30th of April 2016 which took place in the country’s only IT Park at Dhulikhel. The theme advocated this year was Education, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. A team from Leapfrog Technology representing the company was there on both days. Here’s an account of what we experienced.


The event featured different contests, competitions, and programs that were expected to emphasize and consequently elaborate on the role of information technology on multidimensional development of the nation as a whole. According to the organizing committee, about twenty thousand visitors were expected to visit the event this year, which included anyone and everyone with an inclination towards information technology and the computing world — Minister of Science and Technology, Hon. Shiva Lal Thapa was invited as the chief guest.


Programs as diverse as hardware and software competitions, project demonstrations, googling competition, hackathon, coding competition and IT quiz were held which was a very good platform for the individuals who could exhibit their prowess and competitiveness. Visitors and participants had an excellent opportunity to gain reveling perspective about the current scenario of IT in the country. The event also featured gaming competitions, treasure hunts, 3D movies, Android Gaming, among others to amalgamate the event with an amusing aspect of technology.


Apart from various competitions, the event hosted developer’s meet and tech-talks where prominent figures in Nepalese IT industry shared their ideas and knowledge with other tech enthusiasts. Leapfroggers Rajesh Khadka and Surhid Amatya shared their expertise on the topics “Story of a Successful App” and “Monetizing Android App” respectively. Another Leapfrogger Kiran Kumar Regmi was on the judge’s panel for software competition.


Although the halls for different competitions were crowded with participants, most of them were from KU. Since it was a nationwide IT event, we expected more participants from various colleges and universities, which was not the case.

All in all, it was a good event, but, we felt it could have been a lot better with little more effort.

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