fbpx Leadership and Public Speaking Workshop

Workshop on Public Speaking and Leadership Development

A workshop on public speaking organized by Kathmandu School of Speaking was conducted on Thursday, 17th March 2016. We had two speakers on the day Mr. Saurabh Lohani and Mr. Madan Raj Bhatta.

Vocal Variety

The first speaker for the day was Mr. Saurabh Lohani who talked about the importance of vocal variety in public speaking. He mostly focused on the 4P of vocal variety:

  • Pace
  • Pitch
  • Power
  • Pauses

He explained all P’s with perfect examples and scenarios. A small practice session with the audience went pretty well too.

Time Management

The second speaker of the day was Mr. Madan Raj Bhatta who talked on time management and why it is important in everyone’s day to day life. He shared some valuable methods and strategies to help manage our time. His speech was mostly focused on one thing: “Make habits, not routines.”

Overall the session was very fruitful. Both the speakers were well prepared and were able to captivate the audience. Special thanks to Mr. Kiran Kumar Regmi for bringing them to Leapfrog Speakers Club.

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