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Internship at Leapfrog

Leapfrog’s 6-week internship program is designed to prepare students and recent graduates with everything to get a head start on their technological career adventure.

Let’s hear what our recent internship graduates have to say.

How did you join as an intern at Leapfrog?

Prabhat: I came to know about Leapfrog Technology through my teachers and friends at college. I applied for the internship program and received a call to appear for the written exam. After getting shortlisted, I was called for an interview.

Ashim: I already had experience working in a software company before I applied at Leapfrog. I had heard a lot about Leapfrog from my previous colleagues about their working environment. I later found it to be true.

After applying, I sat down a written exam and an interview. I passed the written exam and was interviewed by a senior engineer and internship coordinator Kiran Regmi.

Srishan: I was fresh out of college and a couple of friends were already at Leapfrog, so I thought I would give it a shot. I didn’t think of myself as capable enough, but with a nudge (or several nudges) from friends and family, I thought I’d apply for their written test.

How was the experience?

Prabhat: I received training on Github, design principles, agile methodologies and standards, and Javascript. I designed web pages and developed three games using plain Javascript.

Srishan: The experience actually well exceeded my expectation. Firstly, because I didn’t know what to expect, secondly, I entered an environment where I could thrive and be acquainted with unique corporate working experience. It’s a pleasant place to work at.

What was your first day like?

Prabhat: My first day at Leapfrog left me awestruck as I was fascinated by the working environment. I felt at ease as I could approach anyone easily knowing they would respond well.

We were given an orientation on how the coming six weeks will pan out. We were assured that we would be trained as a full stack developer.

Srishan: We got introduced in-person to everyone in the company. What impressed me on the very first day was not the infrastructure or the technical jargon I got to know, but the culture and social foundations upon which the company stands.

Can you tell us about what you built during the internship period?

Prabhat: I did not expect to learn so much in such a short period. When I joined, I did not know Git and JavaScript. I developed Pool Battle, a multiplayer web game based on core JavaScript and HTML canvas.

The game uses some basic concepts of physics like circular collisions, boundary collisions, friction, velocities, and momentum. It simulates the real pool game on a fundamental level.


Ashim: Militia-Warfare is a web-based shooting game inspired from Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia. It is written in plain JavaScript. I tried to replicate the survival mode in the game. A user plays as an officer to shoot down robot units. An officer gets three lives to shoot down as many robots. An officer can be maneuvered using ‘W,’ ‘A,’ ‘S’, and ‘D’ keys. Officer can target and shoot a robot unit using the mouse.

To summarize, I never knew that I could develop a game using only plain JavaScript. Even though it was tough, I was guided by Leapfroggers. I am very thankful to them.

I applied different techniques I learned during my college in the game, which was quite challenging. However, challenges are meant to be solved, and we get to learn even more by facing them. Now, I have the confidence in me to do even the most challenging things. It takes time, but it isn’t impossible.

Srishan: I had to create a raster to vector image converter which I’d go on to call Vectorizer. I didn’t know what raster images were. I didn’t know what vector images were. I had to push my technical depth with this one — 4D arrays, data mining-esque techniques like k-means clustering and path tracing algorithms. It was a little daunting at first, but I couldn’t help throw out a chuckle at myself when I had the whole thing working.


Leapfrog is home to great engineers. Great engineers attract great peers. Our software engineering and IT interns have an opportunity to experience our company’s culture, expand their network, and build skills that they’ll be able to apply anywhere.

We provide continuous training, mentors, on-the-job learning, and constant evaluation during the internship program.

Read how one of our interns created a 3D game in JavaScript in 6 weeks and recreated many of our favorite games in  internship stories.

Drishya Bhattarai

Drishya is a Digital Marketer at Leapfrog. She is interested in SEO, digital marketing, content creation and Designing.

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