Leapfrog Open Fishbowl Friday Wrap-up

Four Leapfrog team members exploring questions on Software Development practices during Open Fishbowl Friday. It was an insightful day at Leapfrog. If you are wondering what an Open Fishbowl is, there are no fishes or a bowl involved. Fishbowl is an open discussion where anyone from the audience can join as a panel member.

We discussed three key areas:

  • Full Stack Development
  • Engineering Culture, and
  • Process and Frameworks

These were some of the excerpts and snippets the participants shared in the event.

Full Stack Development Culture

“People say it’s a myth. You don’t have to be able to do everything but you need to know about the different stacks. Be good at something and willing to learn other things. Full stack is a mindset, not a person. People should have an open mindset. It is not being jack of all master of none.”

“Full stack development is the future for the software industry and most of the software companies are hiring full stack developers.”

“In any organization, there will be need of specialized resource along with full stack developers as domain experts are required for largely scaling products.”

Engineering Practices

“Get the basics right. Software development has various tools and technology. Learn Git basics — pull, push, merge, rebase. Programming basics — SOLID, DRY. Documentation — Doc block, Readme. Then, move to platform specific practices for Javascript, Java, etc.”

“Refactoring is a continuous process. It’s a habit and a developer should know how to make their code better. It involves continuous learning.”

“See the code you have written after two weeks, refactor. Maybe you can write in 40 lines of code in 4 lines.”

“Writing tests should be our culture. Writing tests is very important while developing a software, if done properly it will decrease the development time.”

“Projects with very quick delivery time lead to bad coding practices and untested features. Code review helps new engineers to improve and learn best practices.”

“We do code reviews by commenting on the pull request or by peer programming.”

“Common libraries can make development faster, like for example starter pack maintained by Pratish for React and Saugat for ExpressJS.”

Process & Framework

“Again, agile is a mindset.”

“The team decides which process will suit the project the most.”

“Stand-ups, retrospectives, and knowledge sharing sessions help a lot in having an agile mindset.”

“Communication and continuous feedback is a major challenge.”

“We can bridge the gap between client and the development team by educating clients about the process that the development team is following.”

“How do we communicate is important — if we start to note things we did each day, that becomes really helpful for future reference. We tend to forget sometimes.”

“We stopped doing stand-ups when our team was down to 4 members from 20 members . We lost track of who was doing what and this is not good if we are in a team. So, we started doing stand-ups again. This was an interesting experience.”

We believe in sharing experiences so that each of us can maximize our potential. The audience too came up with their ideas and experiences on software development practices. Many useful insights were provided during the conversation. We had around 60 engineers with us and they provided good feedback about the event.

We are continuously hiring. Check out our openings.

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