Leapfrog Participates in LOCUS 2020

Leapfrog took part as a proud sponsor and technological partner in the 17th installment of one of the biggest technology fests in Nepal, Locus. It is an annual grand festival organized by an umbrella organization of IOE of the same name, which is led by the students of computer, electronics and electrical departments of Pulchowk Engineering College.

leapfrog in locus2020

This mega event comprised of students showcasing their new ideas and innovative projects to thousands of visitors from all over the country. With this year’s theme being ‘Technology for sustainability’, people had some really intriguing projects to show. The main idea this year was to create something using technology which ‘meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’.

This year, Leapfrog also set a stall in Locus to interact with young talents visiting or participating in the event. We engaged the visitors with a scan and play quiz which contained mainly programming and developer-focused questions. In fact, the questions asked were a sort of a sneak-peek into our written test! At the end of the day, we randomly selected a winner from all the participants who answered correctly. Winners got cool Leapfrog gift hampers containing cups, planners and more!


Visitors had questions about working with us in the future. So, we also provided some counsel on careers with us and how they can enter Leapfrog. We explained all about the written exams, interviews, internships and training with us.

Locus was a great program for educational entertainment. But along with that, it was an opportunity for all tech students to meet companies in their field and learn more about their career opportunities. We too hoped to find some skilled freshers to welcome into our pool of talented engineers.

By sponsoring such programs, we hope to encourage the organizers to keep on setting up more tech-related festivals like this. It will hopefully make newcomers in this field understand the impact that technology is making in everyone’s lives day after day.

locus winners of scan and play

We also want to keep supporting these events in the future, in the hopes that these will encourage creative students to come up with even better and advanced ideas and improve the world as we see it now!

Drishya Bhattarai

Drishya is a Digital Marketer at Leapfrog. She is interested in SEO, digital marketing, content creation and Designing.

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