fbpx How is the IT Education in Nepal? Fill up this Survey

How is the IT Education in Nepal? Fill up this Survey

Over the years, Leapfrog—as one of the fastest-growing IT companies in the country—has found a huge gap between academics and the actual job market. 

The company CTO, Kailash Bijayananda, mentioned, “Having onboarded thousands of young IT professionals to join our team in all these years, we have come to understand that the students fresh out of college are not well-equipped to join the dynamic workforce of tech and IT professionals immediately. While students have complained to us that colleges do not prepare them for real-life work, we have firsthand witnessed their struggles adjusting to a professional setting.”

Thus, to help bridge this gap between academics and professional work, Leapfrog wants to conduct a survey that will help understand how a tech professional entered the world of technology right from when you got your first computer. The goal is to figure out the shortcomings of academic courses in Nepal and how they lack in preparing the students for their careers in real life. 

Careers like engineering and IT are even more difficult for students in Nepal. As a socially responsible company, Leapfrog wants to find ways to help Nepali students prepare for a successful future. And to do that, we need to figure out the problems that are rooted in our education system.

So, if you are a student of computer science, a working professional, or even if you did not pursue a career in technology even after graduating in the subject, you can help us help the multitude of students in the future by filling up this survey. 

Tell us how you feel by filling out this quick survey.

We also request people from all fraternities to help us with the visibility of this survey because the more participants we get, the better data we can collect.

Praveen Shrestha

Praveen has been working in content creation and marketing for over 6 years. He believes his background in psychology helps him understand people better.

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