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5 Recommendations From a Leapfrog Designer

Bishrant Tandukar is a Senior UX Designer at Leapfrog Design Team. He spends his time playing video games and hunting down the best content on Instagram. So, we approached him to give us five of his favorite recommendations, and he did not disappoint.

Over the years, we have watched hundreds of YouTube videos and scrolled through even more posts on Instagram. But, only a few of them leave an impression, right? Well, I am a selective person and I’m conscious of my social media consumption. I will definitely laugh at a random meme but I also take inspiration from other amazing content creators.

So, I have curated a list of some fantastic recommendations for you to check out. I wanted this list to be inspirational not just for designers but for everyone. I hope you can get as much from it as I have. 

YouTube video worth watching

“ I love it when people love or hate our works. I have no problem being at the center of it cause it shows people care.”

Brian Collins

There aren’t many YouTube channels that I recommend besides this video. This video has helped me mold my design ideologies & explore ways designers can achieve crazy things. It’s a podcast interview of Brian Collins- Brand Designer, named American Master of Design. He is one of the designers I respect & admire. 

It’s a long one but worth a listen!

Instagram accounts worth following


Ogilvy is one of my favorite branding companies— responsible for some of the most stunning branding, product/service design, videography, and animation. Also, their social media pages highlight their branding and culture beautifully.

Unnecessary Inventions

I have been making designs that have been either for a specific purpose or to solve complex problems. This page is the opposite— a getaway from functional products to a page full of fun inventions, making your brain chuckle. 

Have fun! 😋

Course worth taking

Interaction Design Foundation

What I love about this course is that it teaches you about design and its various counterparts in a more structured way via true design professionals. Rather than teaching based on trends, it teaches you timeless knowledge, which is the best, in my opinion.

Mobile App worth checking out


VSCO is a simple photo-sharing app, similar to Instagram. I love this app because it feels like scrolling through a photo gallery of an independent movie. The photos here are calming and take me out of my working mindset.

Book worth reading

Creativity, INC.

The book is an autobiography of Ed Catmull, co-founder (with Steve Jobs and John Lasseter) of Pixar Animation Studios, an amalgamation of creativity & business. It shows the inception of Pixar and the things that went behind it to become an institution of creativity today.

Image credit: kaitkillebrew.com

Final Words

I only wanted to recommend things I thought would help strengthen your core ideals and take you out of the work mindset. I think it’s essential to broaden your horizon and enjoy everything the world has to offer.

Thank you for your time! Stay tuned for more recommendations from other amazing Leapfroggers! ⏰

If you want to know more about Bishrant Tandukar, check out his LinkedIn and Dribbble profiles.

Bishrant Tandukar

Bishrant is a Senior UX designer at Leapfrog.

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