Inside “Webinars from the Future”

We took a leap from a small social media campaign #DesignUnlocked and came up with the idea for “Webinars From The Future”. Through this program, we wanted the experts from Leapfrog to share their knowledge with you and hopefully teach you something of value. 

The whole concept of webinars seems a bit futuristic and sci-fi, doesn’t it? 

Surely our Principal Product Designer (and the presenter of three sessions on “Webinars from the Future”), Swapnil Acharya thought so. He said:

“If someone told you 20 years ago, that we could organize a virtual seminar, with like a ton of people joining directly from their homes and it would be interactive… that would sound like nothing more than science fiction! 

But now, we have the technology and moreover, it is all so easy. Therefore, ‘Webinars From The Future’ is the perfect name for this.” 

We named April, “Month of Learning” and on 24 April 2020, the first session of this series was conducted on Design Thinking with over 110 participants. Impressed by the amazing turnout on that event, we followed up with four more sessions, one webinar each week until the fourth week of May.

The presenter of the 4th webinar, Senior UI/UX designer at Leapfrog Sabina Maharjan was a little jittery since this was her first external webinar. But as soon as she got to talking, the confidence started building up. She says:

“I think I could have explained things a little better, but the overall experience was good. People asked relevant questions towards the end… many people still ask me questions on social media!”

As an organizer, when you are thinking of doing such an event… the mind immediately wonders if the sessions will be boring because of little interactions possible virtually. But Nishan Bajracharya, our third presenter and Sr. Software Developer here, says:

“It felt like people were into it… They asked a lot of questions towards the end, and enough engagement was there so it wasn’t as awkward as I’d thought it would be.”

It was a new experience for us as organizers too! Though it took a lot of planning, scripting, and dry-running into perfection, we completely enjoyed the process and got a chance to learn so many new things. And we hope it was the same for you too.

We wanted to do something during this difficult time that would help youngsters distract from the situation and focus on Leveraging the Lockdown for developing their own skills. 

Want to watch the whole Webinar series? Check them out in our youtube channel!

If you want to learn more about those topics and socialize with like-minded people, join the slack channel we created, just for that!

Stay safe and keep learning!

Drishya Bhattarai

Drishya is a Digital Marketer at Leapfrog. She is interested in SEO, digital marketing, content creation and Designing.

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