Why Frontend Re-United Kathmandu? 

When it comes to community events, we love the excitement and thrill of learning new things and making new connections. On May 18, we amplified that excitement by hosting Frontend Re-United Kathmandu. It was the first-ever transnational frontend meetup reaching out beyond geographical boundaries and connecting Nepal with the international community.

“Frontend Re-United,” is a remote event that takes place all over the world where frontend enthusiasts gather to watch the livestream of the main Frontend United conference. However, uniting the community and watching live streams was one way to appeal to the audience, “Frontend Re-United Kathmandu” broke the status quo of Re-United and ran an independent event with talks from distinguished speakers from the local community as well as live-streamed the keynote talk from the main event in Utrecht.

With our unique approach, we created a mark for ourselves. The core Frontend United committee has agreed to encourage other host nations to follow the example of Nepal for their future events. We are also pleased that the main event acknowledged us for our approach. Here’s a short clip from Frontend United Utrecht mentioning Nepal and showcasing our speakers.

Our talks covered a range of topics from “Developing an Electron app” to “Tips for Productive Collaboration between Designer and Developer.” With multiple dry runs and slide modifications, we made sure their messages were on point. The speakers did a remarkable job of getting their messages through. We hope all the 150 participants at the event got something valuable from the talks.

For us, the future Re-United events will focus on connecting our community with both local and international developer communities. The long term goal is definitely to transform Frontend Re-United into the main event - ”Frontend United Asia” or the “Global Frontend United.” And with the help of the community, we are only a few years away from it.

We have a long way to go in terms of making a global impact. While we are at it, small steps like Frontend Re-United and Web Weekend Kathmandu creates credibility for us to initiate international events in Nepal and even invite international speakers to our local meetups.
One step at a time, we are putting ourselves on the map of the frontend ecosystem.

Speaker Slides

We know a lot of you are waiting for us to make the slides public. So here they are:

It takes a community to do something for the community; we would like to express our gratitude to all the people who made it to the event and turned it into a success. Your suggestions and feedback have made us want to do more in the coming days!

Feedback Collage FRU

Thank you for your awesome feedback.

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About Frontend United
Frontend United is a non-profit, developer-first, community-focused conference based out of Netherlands. The event aims to connect frontend developers and designers from all kinds of backgrounds closer together to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

Leapfrog was the main sponsor for the event, and we would like to thank every individual and company who assisted and supported us throughout this journey.

We want to thank Appsulate, Vianet, NEHub, GD977, Frontend Nepal and YOU of course.

We will be uploading the videos of talks soon, keep updated with us on our social channels.

FRU Group Pic

See you next year!

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