The story behind Leapfrog’s logo redesign

One small step for the frog, a giant leap for the company.


Say hello to the new Leapfrog logo

We are a technology company. Our clients trust us to be a thoughtful innovation partner. We strive to be an awesome bunch of people with a common aspiration — the zeal to become better at what we do.

Last quarter, we set out with a goal to re-imagine the Leapfrog brand that we created four years back. A lot has changed at Leapfrog since we last redesigned our brand. We have evolved; times have changed. Simply put, we’re better. We cater to a much more diverse set of verticals and technologies than ever before.

The primary goal of this brand refresh is perfecting our image so that it reflects our passion and growth since we started Leapfrog seven years ago. As a part of the brand refresh, we began with the logo.

Our old logo and the need for new.

A brief history of change

We revealed the previous redesign of Leapfrog Technology logo back in 2014. The lily pad and the leaping frog’s hind limb were our brand marks.

  • The frog’s limb represented a literal frog leaping off a lily pad.
  • The lily pad represented the world, the hubs formed by the joints of the frog’s limb represented business hubs and the network that connects us to our clients.
  • The color green represented technology, nature, wealth, and prosperity.

While we still love the previous logo, we gave it a fresh new look at par with current design standards.

Our new logo is modern, adaptive, and dazzles in a brand new green. This change reflects not only who we are striving to become, but also the current electrifying growth we’ve experienced in the last few years.

The logo embodies the clarity of our vision, our process, and excellence of our team. It represents our zeal to walk the route of excellence. We have an easier, a simpler, and a clearer process and playbooks to solve problems. The new logo is a testimony to our growth.

The logo refresh

Leapfrog logo

We started off with the old logo and assessed what we could do to make it relevant. The new Leapfrog logo stays close to the familiar ground but dares to explore new territory. It emotes of joy and the exciting things the future holds for us.

  1. The frog’s limbs are stronger, but they still don’t leave the lily pad. We know where we came from. This humility keeps us grounded and focused on what we do. Though we are eager to expand by leaps and bounds, our feet stay firmly on the ground.
  2. A flat world. Technology has definitely made this world flat. Today, no matter where we are in relation to our clients, we’re always connecting and communicating. The flat design trend has gained a lot of traction and we think it’s here to stay. To push ahead of the trends, we’ve flattened our logo and removed all gradients and depths. Obtrusive shadows, multiple layers in the frog’s webbed feet, and the base of the lily pad are gone. The new logo looks smarter and bolder.
  3. A shiny new green. Our previous logo used five shades of green, but we’ve downsized to just one. We have adopted our new official color from Google’s Material Design colors. Also, the new green looks great both in print and on screen.
  4. Scalable and agile. The logo has fewer colors and sharp geometric angles. It is much more scalable than the previous version. The use of just two colors makes it possible for us to put the logo on almost any background and still make it “pop”.

Continuous growth

The Leapfrog logo redesign is the first step towards establishing the company brand. It is just the tip of the iceberg — and we’re excited to take the next step.

We launched a new website and mascot to match the brand refresh and are looking for ways to improve them further. The challenges of consistent branding increase when the ecosystem size grows, and we’re ready to tackle this challenge.

We aim to create a harmonized brand experience that works inside and out of the organization. Look out for more exciting updates in the days to come.

We look forward to working with our relentless team and amazing clients to continue evolving and growing. And if you want out to work with us or if you have any feedback for us, please contact us.

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