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Social Media: Impact on Company & Business Image

Social media can play a vital role in shaping your brand. Whether big or small business, it is important to invest in building a good social media presence. Customers now rely on social media to shape their decisions and learn about businesses before making any purchase.

With the booming of the web, especially after the emergence and use of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, people have started to rely on these networks to make their everyday life choices including shopping and purchase decisions. It has become crucial for organizations to have a neat and significant presence on these networks and stay close to their prospects and customers alike.

Whether in the physical or virtual world, every organization aims at building a good reputation and reflects a positive image to their customers. Social media platforms offer excellent opportunities to spread word of mouth about businesses worldwide. That’s why social media has become one of the essential mediums on which brands are built.

Social media networks play an essential role in shaping the company’s image and how customers perceive it. Researchers have stated that the study result is giving an insightful conclusion that “the company’s image is related to all three constructions: the users’ social influence, the organizational promotion and the perceived image in OSN (online social networks).”

Many other studies have stressed the importance of social media networks for businesses. This research, for instance, has dealt with the importance of virtual communities and how they can influence trust of online shoppers. As stated by the study, “virtual communities offer several advantages to e-tailers and opportunities for the interaction with members of virtual communities consumers.”

Another study also tackled the issue and stressed the importance of the social presence of businesses and how this presence affects customers’ trust. The study stated that “social presence is a determinant of trust in a retail website.”

To build a good relationship with customers and win their trust, the online business needs to maintain an excellent social presence so as the customer feels of “being present with a real vendor. This feeling comes from the emotion during the interaction with the website,” researchers stated.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell -Seth Goldin

Social media use continues to grow at a significant rate. So, companies need to take advantage of the prospects offered by these networks to reach and connect with their audience and customers. Businesses have to consider this and include social media in their marketing and overall business strategy.

As social media has become a meaningful way to boost business growth and enhance presence in the market, companies should not ignore it and generate profit from these networks to reflect the right company image.

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