Introducing Chill: An open-source tool to monitor your services

Downtime and outages are unavoidable. While we focus on building upon a great idea, we tend to forget about user experience. If you are running a website or a web service, it is critical that you shorten system’s downtime. Proper handling of downtime plays a crucial role in retaining customers.

Keeping this in mind, we the folks at Leapfrog released Chill. Chill CLI is a standalone monitoring tool to notify businesses and startups of website downtime.

Why Chill?

Chill is an open-source alternative to all the monitoring services in the market. Existing monitoring services are either paid or provide free monitoring for a short period of time.

We at Leapfrog deliver web and mobile projects day in day out. Rests assured every client wants their site to have maximum uptime. Chill comes handy in such situations. Right now, we use Chill internally to monitor multiple websites. Once we know the site is experiencing downtime, we can put our failsafe plan into action.

Chill Architecture

Chill Architecture

Chill CLI

Chill CLI monitors HTTP response in specified intervals of time and provides instant response alert if the service returns an error or an unexpected result. It comes pre-built with a set of notifiers for Slack, Hipchat, Twilio and Email. This helps teams get up to speed and take further steps to diagnose and fix problems.

Chill Dashboard

While Chill CLI works out of the box without any dependencies, it does not provide a status dashboard. Chill Dashboard is an extension to Chill CLI which exposes a minimalistic user interface to let you know about the status of your sites. It works with Chill CLI and Chill REST API. You can configure it easily and roll out your own status page.

Chill Dashboard

Chill dashboard

The Future

Chill has a lot of features lined up in the future. As of now, Chill only works with HTTP. We plan to extend Chill to monitor not only websites but also tools like PostgreSQL, Redis, or any custom TCP port services. For more information on Chill and the roadmap ahead, please visit our Trello board. Similarly, you can take a look at our GitHub repositories for Chill, Chill Dashboard & Chill REST API.


We would like to hear from everyone who is willing to try chill-alpha. We are excited to take chill towards a stable release with the help and support of the open source community. Feel free to reach out to us at

Chill was made possible by a small group of enthusiasts at Leapfrog.

Thanks to Kabir Baidhya, Pratish Shrestha, Bishal Shrestha, Deepak Adhikari, Romit Amgai, Prabin Badyakar and Saugat Acharya.

About the Author

Saugat Acharya is a Senior Software Developer and a tech enthusiast.

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