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An easy to use learning and professional development platform specifically designed to help thousands of teachers nationwide that originally piloted in Mississippi. Used gamification and related incentives to encourage continuous engagement to improve their skills.


Voyager Sopris Learning™ partner with school districts to overcome obstacles that students, teachers, and school leaders face every day. The suite of instructional and service solutions they provide is not only research based, but also evidence based—proven to increase student achievement and educator effectiveness.

The Learning Platform is the primary delivery mechanism for online professional development and online product training for multiple Voyager Sopris products and is used by the teachers who are either participants in professional development or users of Voyager products.The LP user experience is branded for each product but has the same essential functionality for all products.

The Learning Platform incorporates three overall concepts for a comprehensive user experience: learning, collaboration, and motivation. Learning is experienced through sequenced instruction and a resource library; collaboration is experienced through contextual help and open discussion; and motivation is experienced by the user completing tasks, earning badges, and achieving ranks in the system.

We used Agilix Extensible Learning Infrastructure (xLi), a modular framework for developing learning technology products. xLi supports the Distributed Learning Application Protocol (DLAP) web services API for system integration and custom learning- application development.

We improved the architecture of Voyager to provide branded, configurable, and customizable product training for multiple Voyager products and created differentiated and extended experience based on user experience with teaching, product, and other factors. Authoring tools in system enable product training authors to organize and configure action items, badges and ranks.

Project info
Web App
Austin, Texas
Java (Spring Framework), Backbone JS , Aligix XLI


We developed two system – LETRS a Professional Development System built for Voyager Sopris Learning by Eduphoric which consists of authentication, library, course viewer, module viewer, single item viewer, Q&A, account, journal and reporting. LETRS provides the deep foundational knowledge necessary to understand how students learn to read, write, and spell—and why some of them struggle and We Can, a proven, evidenced-based, early learning solution that supports teachers of all experience levels—addressing key foundational skills in the Common Core State Standards and other state standards for kindergarten.