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Momentage is an iOS and android mobile application that allows people to create beautiful moments through collections of photos, videos, and sound. You can share your moments with the world, a group of people, or specific person.

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Momentage is designed for photographers and parents, as both are keen on capturing moments. A moment is a collection of photos, videos or sounds representing a memory in time. These moments create a sense of happiness or nostalgia when viewed or shared later on.

The main front-end challenge in creating the app was displaying images in an aesthetically pleasing way. The images represent the quality and style of a specific photographer, and are more than just an image to be clicked on and shared. The design focused on sharing the images in a clean and refined layout.

In the back end, the challenge was uploading and downloading moments in an efficient and fast way. Specifically, the app needed to quickly handle high-quality content such as images, videos or audio files. The user should be able to access content instantly and effortlessly.

Beyond the scope of capturing and saving images, the app serves as a social network for people passionate about photography. This product keeps groups of people connected through easily creating and sharing moments within their community.


Most people carry a smart phone, so creating an application allows the user to quickly create moments on the go. All the API needed for the app was constructed using ROR. Different layers of image-manipulating servers were utilized to efficiently capture the images and manipulate them, so that the presentation is smooth later on.

An offline feature allows users to create moments without an internet connection. This allows people to continue capturing moments at specific events even if there is no network connectivity. When network connectivity is established, those moments would be uploaded via background connections.

Users can create a collage of up to 15 images with Momentage, and they can share special moments with followers in real-time and continue editing and rearranging the collaboration to create a unique, “living” collage. In other words, Momentage lets you change your photo display as your life changes.


There are two distinct communities of users of momentage: parents and photographers. Parents are enthusiastically capturing moments of their children, while photographers create artistic moments of their daily life. These groups of people cherish their moments, all because of momentage’s photo capturing and sharing capabilities.

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