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A leading geotechnical solutions firm— with 60 years of experience in providing optimal ground modification and site improvement solutions— focused on enhancing their design-build capabilities. They experienced significant operational issues and concerns in overall usability in their design methodologies.

Data and design algorithms were scattered across different excel spreadsheets and slow VB macros resulted in a lack of visibility into how engineers could use help to improve efficiency and low performance. They also saw significant risks of intellectual property and confidentiality.


According to McKinsey digitization index, the construction industry is among the least digitized. To make gains on this important initiative, a global construction company partnered with Leapfrog on their journey of digital transformation. The goal was to assimilate their design methodologies that would help the engineers improve efficiency for their 300 million USD ground improvement division.   

Leapfrog leveraged its expertise in employing user-centered design to craft modern experiences that solved critical operational problems. We worked closely with the client team, a mix of experienced engineers, lead engineers, and project managers who participated in design calculations, submittal approval, and validation process.

The Leapfrog team ran design-thinking exercises that would help them define a vision for the company’s next-generation cloud-based solution. Our focus was to make an application that provided a seamless experience for new and existing engineers to discover and perform all design submittals.

We designed and developed consolidated calculations and workflows. By leveraging our technology expertise, we developed a sophisticated yet comprehensible tool that enabled digital-collaboration and field-mobility for our client.

  • Instantly share beautiful reports or design proposals
  • Sync everything to all team members’ devices easily
  • Support offline mode enabling engineers to continue working, even without an internet connection
  • Compare different design calculations for ground improvement
  • Maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and intellectual property
  • Industry-standard authorization protocol OAuth 2.0 with Microsoft 365
  • Highly secure cloud-hosted data in Azure data centers

We are firm believers of using agile development methods to ensure quality, fast turnaround, and validation of deliverables. In our detailed conversation, we accommodated user feedback to come up with solutions that advanced the client’s method of doing business. 

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TypeScript, Node, ReactJS, Electron JS


Leapfrog’s expertise in digital transformation enabled our clients to deliver a new cloud-based mobile-enabled platform. By collaborating with us, our client’s operational capabilities have significantly improved.  We enhanced their decision-making period from 3 weeks to real-time, establishing a path of high performance vital to the dynamic and competitive environment.