We build unique health app experiences.

We create modern, human-centered experiences in healthcare – literally, award winning. Mobile device adoption and healthcare data interoperability (no longer tied to ancient EHRs) enable new leaps in physician productivity and patient engagement.


Patient Engagement


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Modernizing Legacy Applications

Listen to Leapfrog CEO Chris Sprague present the Iris Chatbot at the HL7 FHIR applications roundtable. Chris won an award for presenting a product that blends Al human-like chat bots with mobile accessibility to open new conveniences for patients.

From new workflows, to useful dashboards, to mobile apps and wearables - we have a breadth of experience innovating healthcare apps.

  • Super Care Health
  • APS
  • NeuMitra
  • Talintel

We use healthcare data to empower patients, physicians, and payers.

We use healthcare data to empower patients, physicians, and payers. We are experts at implementing from ETL, HL7/FHIR to R algorithms and custom visualizations. We take different health data sources and create automated ways to ingest, analyze patterns, and visualize what's important.

We are experts at processing, analyzing, and visualizing healthcare data.

Our experience ranged from ETL from a bunch of different databases or sources and sticking it into a data warehouse, data science, and machine learning, or just creating really great ways to explore and visualize health data.


Health System Integration


Data Modeling and Visualization


Data Science and Machine Learning

Empowering data-driven healthcare.

<strong>Krates Ng</strong>, CTO and CoFounder, CliniCast

Krates Ng, CTO and CoFounder, CliniCast

As a startup, it is a big risk in both growing the team too fast and too slow. Leapfrog provides us the flexibility to rapidly scale our team up, and sometimes down.They have a wide range of technical talents to support us on different projects. They understand the changing technical needs of a startup and the experimentation that go with it.

Krates Ng, CTO and CoFounder, CliniCast

We realize the potential, complexities, and security needs with handling patient data. Here are just a few clients that trust on us to synthesize and visualize it.

  • Acustream
  • UCSF
  • Clinicast
  • OpenI

Expertise and compliance.

At Leapfrog, we take pride in our experience and attention to both security and HIPAA compliance.

7 11 yrs

Experience in Healthcare

7 20

Healthcare clients


Established policy, procedure, and training for compliance

Established Policy and Procedure for HIPAA compliance
BAAs with our healthcare clients
Mandatory Workforce Training
BAAs with our main vendors Google and Amazon
Insights on impact of regulatory standards and compliance requirements on application design