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What we do

The world is changing faster than ever. We enable big and small companies alike to move at startup speed.

From custom mobile and web applications to data-driven platforms - we help enterprises transform and new companies launch and scale.

What we do What we do

Smarter Innovation

We believe that modern innovation is an iterative journey, not a destination.
We’ve found that successful journeys require a seamless blend of four key ingredients.

Product Blueprint

Every innovation begins by mapping your journey.

We use discovery workshops to learn your business challenges and goals. We use techniques like process mapping to understand what your employees and customers do today, so that we can uncover and plan better ways to do that tomorrow.

User Centered Design

Technology is only transformative if people use it.

We design experiences that are personalized to your users’ context and motivations. We use design thinking and prototyping because we believe that products evolve for the better through triangulation, iteration and feedback. This leads to designs that are useful and long-lasting.

World Class Engineering

To innovate faster without sacrificing quality, you need engineers with modern skills, development best practices, and their own innovation mindset.

We hire less than 2% of the engineers that apply. We make sure they embody a culture of hacking, learning new things, and pride in craftsmanship. And we employ techniques perfected for agile development with distributed teams that keep everyone on the same page.

Product Intelligence

A seamless journey means staying on track until you achieve your goals.

We use business intelligence and data-driven insights to know if we’re meeting your business goals. We instrument product analytics to know what’s working and what’s not for your users. And we use machine learning and AI to make your user’s journeys as seamless as your business journey.

We are an innovation partner that cares

We care about who we work for and the quality of work we deliver, and that shows in the results we produce together. Leapfrog is founded on a commitment to customer and user happiness.


Integrity and transparency are the foundation of long term relationships. If we say we'll do something, we will. If we say we're good at something, we are.


Solving complex problems is hard, and it takes grit. We work with tireless resolve to understand your company, achieve business goals, and hit timelines.


Passion creates the best products. Whether our thing is programming, pixels, or product- passion and expertise exudes from our work. We do things the best way, without compromise.

We employ the best technology and technologists

We hire less than 2% of the engineers that apply, and then follow all the best practices: rock-solid code, mandatory code reviews, automation, and thorough testing. When you choose Leapfrog, our team becomes your team, and our engineers show unrelenting commitment to your success.

Idiomatic Code

We adopt best standards and code idioms depending on the language or framework. We seek clarity, maintainability, and uncompromising code quality.

Mandatory Code Review

All work goes through a mandatory code review. Best practices include code, good documentation, and infrastructure as code too.


Serious security is table stakes for any modern business. We understand and apply security best practices at the code, policy, process and industry level.

Quality Assurance

Your product is tested by both a QA team and automated scripts before your users ever see it.

Continuous Integration

We don’t deploy things that won’t work. CI is tied into rejections of merges based on automated testing and code quality checks.

Monitoring and Deployment

We monitor apps and services to proactively detect issues and scale when needed.

We employ the best-of-breed tools across our core services.


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Leapfrog is an ideal partner for our digital innovation and transformation initiatives. They took the time to understand our highly complex business processes and construction calculations, challenges, and needs. They guided us in delivering an online solution that made our processes more precise, faster, and collaborative.

Daniel Quirk

Daniel Quirk

Director of IT, Hopelink, Seattle

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