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leapfrog technology

Innovate better, faster.

We help businesses imagine and create the digital experiences of tomorrow. We succeed together, through the fusion of startup agility, enterprise standards, and world-class engineering.

Trusted by 150+ enterprises, scale-ups and startups.

At Leapfrog, we have had the privilege of partnering with some of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the tech industry. From big companies to startups that hope to be big one day, they trust us with the expertise and support they need to bring their ideas to life.

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Russ Richmond, MD, CEO of Laudio
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It would have taken months to build the product team that we inherited overnight with Leapfrog. They’re built for startup speed, and they have consistently delivered a well-engineered product for us.

Russ Richmond, MDCEO of Laudio, recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions

products & technology

Deliver value, not just products.

Build digital experiences people love to use. Learn how we use battle-tested processes to systematically design and develop software that solves problems, delights users, and optimizes businesses.

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case studies

We have a proven track record of ambitious products in complex environments.

Since 2010, we've had over 100 fast-growing companies build apps, data-driven products, and cloud solutions that make an impact.

Skills at a glance

We support a breadth of technologies, best practices, use cases, and industries. Here are some of them.

Software Development icon

Software Development

Crafting tailored software solutions aligned with your vision, driving efficiency and innovation through precise coding.

Software testing and QA icon

Software Testing
& QA

Ensuring impeccable software quality through rigorous testing, assuring reliability and user satisfaction with every release.

Infrastructure & DevOps icon

Infrastructure & DevOps

Building robust foundations and agile workflows for scalability and security while embracing continuous development methodologies.

Mobile and Web Development icon

Mobile and Web Development

Creating seamless digital journeys with user-centric design, marrying aesthetics and functionality for unparalleled cross-platform experiences.

>Data Science and Machine Learning icon

Data Science and Machine Learning

Unveiling insights from complex data landscapes, empowering strategic decisions and breakthroughs through advanced analytics and machine learning.

Blockchain Consulting icon


Guiding exploration of blockchain's secure potential, integrating transparency and trust into transformative initiatives.

Big Data & BI icon

Big Data & BI

Transforming raw data into strategic assets, leveraging big data and business intelligence to illuminate paths for growth and success.

Internet of Things icon

Internet of Things

Forging interconnected smart ecosystems, reshaping industries and daily life through infused intelligence and connectivity.

UX and UI Design icon

UX and UI Design

Envisioning and crafting intuitive user experiences, where artistic UI meets seamless functionality, elevating brand value and user engagement.

The leapfrog difference

We strive to be a better technology partner.

At our core, we are 450 people obsessed with innovating with technology in the right ways.

We are 100% oriented around solving your problems and making you successful. If you need skilled people, we make sure they have the talent and nature to plug right into your team. When you have a job for us, we move mountains to make sure it’s done well and on time. We pride ourselves on earning your trust, providing demonstrable value, and being great at what we do - together. 

See what we are thinking

We're not just doers, we're tinkerers and thinkers obsessed with building new things in better ways. Read some of our insights, download our playbooks.

Discovery & Design Playbook

Guide to a bulletproof design sprint aligning the goals of clients and end-users.

Product management playbook

The product development roadmap that enables companies small or large build defensible digital products.

DevOps handbook

Drills down the basics about what DevOps is and how you should be following a DevOps culture.