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Build your dream team.

Growing an elite product engineering team is hard. We have over 450 people that can fill in your missing pieces.

They are engineers, designers, and product managers handpicked for their talent, teamwork, and growth mindset. They come trained on modern best practices for distributed work and moving fast without breaking things.

Mark Fortner, CEO of Aspen
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I couldn’t be happier with the partner I found in Leapfrog. We’ve grown to a 40 person team that handles design, apps, data, analytics, and integration across multiple product lines. Leapfrog adapts our team to have the skills we need as soon as we need them.

Mark FortnerCEO, Aspen Biosciences

The Leapfrog difference

Picking the right folks can be the difference between a dream team and a nightmare. Over the last dozen years, we've launched hundreds of rockstar teams. And we've spotted patterns – talent is key, but so is a natural curiosity, determination, and the knack for teamwork in ever-changing remote settings.

That's why we've geared our company to not just pick the right people, but to create a system and culture that consistently yields high-achieving teams.

  • People with the right stuff

    We hire less than 2% of people that apply. We are uncompromising on skills and smarts, but we also use small projects to assess their growth mindset, curiosity, and team accountability.

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  • Trained on best practices

    We set high standards for the engineering techniques our people use, and train religiously to achieve them. From maintainable code, to unit testing, to CI/CD, to proper source control - we teach and enforce modern pragmatic programming.  

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  • Prepared to collaborate

    We’ve pinpointed successful methods of working in distributed teams, and distilled them into rigorous training for all team members. Our people come ready to engage and share effectively across zoom calls, standups, scrums, slack, source control, stories, emails, demos, and design reviews.

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  • Immersed in innovation culture

    When the going gets tough, attitude matters. Our people self-select into Leapfrog because they want to build new things in new ways. They’re immersed and nurtured with tech talks, meetups, open source, and how to build startups.

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Engagement models

How to work together

Your team becomes an extension of your company.

  • Full squad icon

    Full squad

    All parts included. We talk about your needs, and form a dedicated team with the right mix of skills to autonomously deliver end-to-end technology under your direction. Your team is monitored and mentored for speed and quality of delivery. Your team is easy to remix and scale with as your needs change and business grows.

  • Staff augmentation icon

    Staff augmentation

    We work how you work. Our top-flight professionals are fully integrated with your existing team and under your personal direction. They come ready with the same skills, and ability to communicate blend seamlessly. They plug in to boost your capacity and velocity boost wherever you need it most.

  • Product discovery icon

    Product discovery

    Uncovering the right product to build is a unique and iterative process. Your product discovery team comes with a battle-tested mix of design, architecture, product management, and analysis to test and validate new ideas. The output is a design, spec, and plan on how to build and bring your new technology to market.

Team meeting in a conference room, three employees seated at a table, one writing on a whiteboard.
A tech professional at their dedicated desk, looking directly at the viewer while working on a laptop.
Two employees using their phones for staying connected and coordinating workflows.


What you need is what you get

We assemble a team tailored to align with your unique needs and working style. They are bolstered by comprehensive, on-demand expertise, ensuring that even if a question arises that they don't know, the answer is readily accessible.

Tailoring teams to client needs: Combining USA, offshore, and nearshore resources.

We have home bases in Seattle, across North America, Europe, Nepal, and India. We support onsite visits for all team members.

Group photo of a client site visit to Nepal from the USA, collaborating with local teams on construction projects.
Three employees visiting the USA for client meetings and project delivery, working on their laptops in a cafe.
Employees working on laptops at their designated team workspaces.

The leapfrog difference

Beyond partnership. We become you

When Leapfroggers join your team, they identify as an extension of you. They get their own space in our dev center or come to work with you onsite (optionally). They rep your company, and wear your swag. They burn the midnight oil to deliver along side you time and again. 

And they’re not alone. Every team is supported by Leapfrog’s collective expertise - domain experts, architects, and specialized resources at the ready to make sure your team is  successful. 

Tailored teams icon

Tailored teams

Custom teams have embedded developers to independent units, tailored to clients. Augment your crew or deliver defined goals.

Global flexibility icon

Global flexibility

Fully remote Nepal or hybrid US teams offer flexible collaboration, adapting to diverse project needs and timelines.

Borderless synergy icon

Borderless synergy

Nepal-US rotation enriches cross-border teamwork, optimizing global perspectives for innovative outcomes.

Expert infusion icon

Expert infusion

A versatile expert pool dynamically strengthens your team, infusing specialized knowledge and skillsets when demands arise.

On-Site collaboration icon

On-Site collaboration

On-site visits enhance collaboration by fostering direct interaction and shared understanding, driving project success and efficiency.

Insightful guidance icon

Insightful guidance

Industry and domain experts guide the creation of visionary solutions, leveraging deep insights to shape impactful outcomes.