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about us

is in our DNA.

We stand as an experienced and trustworthy technology ally, ready to help with your next venture.

Leapfrog, formed by a team of seasoned founders, CTOs, product designers, and engineers, has grown to a workforce of 450 strong. Over the past decade, we've been instrumental in delivering over a 100 new products. We've forged partnerships with a wide variety of innovative startups and enterprises, building solutions that needed to blend a user-friendly interface with the intricate aspects of data, cloud, and security.

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Your success is our mission

At Leapfrog, we combine talented people with an unwavering commitment to the success of our customers.

We are fanatics of how to design, build, and validate new ideas in better ways. We use those learnings to help our customers innovate faster and teams perform better. More than 90% of our business comes through referrals because we've proven time and again that we don't let customers down.


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World-class people, making a dent in the universe

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talented people who make up the Leapfrog family

Innovating straight out of Nepal, USA, India, Philippines, Mexico and Europe.

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At Leapfrog, work is more than just work - it's a thrilling adventure filled with laughter, camaraderie, and endless support. Step into our world and witness the perfect blend of work and fun.

Step into our world and witness the perfect blend of work and fun.