Handling Administration at Leapfrog

Would you climb Mount Everest without a guide? Probably not. 

Climbing mountains would be a lot easier with a professional guide, right? Well, the Admin team plays a similar role in any organization. For employees to climb mountains (read: achieve their goals and targets), the Admin team acts as a guide who shows the right path, prepares for emergencies, and also provides resources to make the expedition easier. 

At Leapfrog, the Admin team may be small but they are the reason why we are able to perform our day-to-day tasks with ease. 

Helping Leapfroggers coexist with Covid

Since the beginning of 2020, the rapidly escalating pandemic has put all of us in a difficult spot. But at some point, all of us had to learn how to co-exist with covid and reframe our future in the new normal to come.

The Admin team’s efforts in reshaping the work culture have been valuable. They have been helping Leapfroggers tackle the disruptions caused by covid and also ensure that their productivity isn’t affected. 

Arranging Covid Insurance 

When someone gets infected with the virus, the team wants them to rest assured and not worry about their medical bills. While the HR team arranges paid leave, Admin makes sure they receive insurance to cover the medical bills. 

Even for newly hired Leapfroggers, the insurance is activated from day one. We moved from Provident Fund to Social Security Fund recently, so now, SSF covers all the covid expenses.

Facilitating mental and physical health sessions

One of the biggest problems that people face during the lockdown is social distancing. We’re social beings, and staying locked up inside our homes with no one to talk to can take a toll on our collective mental health. 

So, the admin team reached out to health professionals to facilitate various sessions like ‘Coexisting with COVID 19’ and ‘Mindfulness & Better Immunity’ among others in collaboration with HR and the Events team. 

In a survey about physical health, our 300+ Leapfroggers answered that they had eyes and back problems from working on their computers all day. So we facilitated an ‘Eye Care session’ virtually. The session gave a brief overview of eye care, helped us understand the severity of gazing at screens all day, and taught us how to reduce strain on our eyes.

Apart from this, they are also planning to bring physiotherapy sessions to reduce back pain and other physical problems. We want to promote a healthy work environment.

Emergency contact details 

With the entire country coming to a halt, it’s hard to find the right resources in case of emergencies. So the Admin team sourced a list of hospitals, vaccine centers, and also covid isolation centers. Since many Leapfroggers were also struggling to get grocery deliveries and repair services, they further updated the list. 

The Emergency Contact Details sheet today has grown to a 200-average list of private hospitals, covid-authorized hospitals, housepital contacts, telemedicine service, grocery, repair and maintenance, home service for PCR, and sanitizers/disinfectants vendors. 

Admin’s work doesn’t just end there though. They reshare the emergency contact details every day in our internal communication channels, and send the elaborate list out to our IT community, Leap Network, frequently. 

Checking up on Covid fighters and their family

We not only care about our employees, but we also care about their families. 

When our Leapfroggers’ families are battling covid, Admin makes sure they are getting the emotional support they need at this time. They are usually in a state of panic since every member in their family has covid. But something as simple as making a call and checking up on them can make their day better, and give them the strength to fight covid and get well soon.  

Other than this, Admin also checks up on them regularly about their status and if they need essentials delivered. We want them to know that the Admin team, and the company overall, has their back.

Boosting WFH productivity during lockdown

Did any of us expect 2020 to turn out the way it did? No. But are we still making the best of the situation? Yes! 

The lockdown may have made things difficult, but the Admin team knows how to work their way around. From arranging resources to sending surprise gifts, the Admin team knows what’s best for Leapfroggers.

Arranging resources

The onset of the pandemic forced us all to stay indoors and work from home. But not everyone had a comfortable working space and many Leapfroggers were actually struggling. Between random power cuts and using dining chairs to sit on all ay, Leapfroggers’ productivity was in a state of compromise. 

So, as the caretakers and providers of the company, the Admin team arranged and delivered inverters and comfortable chairs for Leapfroggers. Apart from chairs and inverters, they also facilitated the delivery of laptops and monitors in collaboration with the IT team. 

Delivering goodies to motivate Leapfroggers

We couldn’t celebrate New Year with our Leapfroggers but we also couldn’t miss the chance to bring smiles to their faces. So the Admin team collected everyone’s current address for ‘covid reasons’ and sent our unsuspecting Leapfroggers a surprise package! 

The package included a special message from our CEO, pens with built-in sanitizer sprays (we know, fancy), a notebook, and some colorful masks to keep them safe. We wanted to thank everyone for being resilient and motivate them to do better. 

Work-From-Office roster 

We can all agree on the fact that work-from-home doesn’t really work for everyone. Especially when a project has over 30-40 members and requires constant synchronization.

So once the lockdown was lifted and covid was at ease, they operated a phase-wise work-from-office roster plan. 

Even though it was challenging to operate a work-from-office roster, the admin team made it possible with proper covid protocols and made sure it was executed as planned. 

Socially distanced seat planning and lunch breaks

Before, all 300+ Leapfroggers used to sit and enjoy their lunch/snack breaks together. 

But this time, the Admin team arranged socially distanced seat planning for everyone coming to the office. They also implemented turn-wise lunchtime for each team. All the dining tables were properly sanitized and the entire kitchen staff was wearing masks compulsorily. 

What if someone tested positive for covid during WFO Roster?

When someone got covid, the Admin team immediately put their team’s roster on halt and have everyone take PCR tests. If anyone in the team tested positive, they would further do contact tracing and ask everyone they’ve come in contact with to get tested. 

Taking care of the rest

There’s no doubt the Admin team plays a crucial role in supporting Leapfroggers with covid and lockdown. But they also have other important responsibilities to take care of. 

Before the pandemic, the Admin team looked after the office and ensured security and cleanliness. They were regularly checking fire extinguishers, making sure there weren’t used coffee cups left on desks, and overall maintenance of office property. They are also responsible for the beautification of our physical working environment so that Leapfroggers feel inspired at work.

Apart from the office, they also work on arranging resources and beautification of events. The most memorable events they have helped out on this year are the “Women’s Day celebration,” “Meet & Greet for new employees,” and also “Leaps & Bonds.” 


At the end of the day, the admin team’s mission is to arrange a safe and reliable workspace for Leapfroggers. They focus on resourcing vendors and services to maximize productivity in Leapfroggers and set paths for a smooth functioning company.

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