Leapfrog’s Month of Learning

With all the things happening in the world right now, learning might not be the utmost priority for everyone. But, we figured, why let the pandemic block the enthusiastic learners out there from gaining valuable insights on different topics each week? 

After all, we already had the resources and technology to do it! So, we came up with a plan and decided to make April as the Month of Learning.

Throughout the month of April, we conducted two main programs: Design Unlocked and Webinars from The future.

With the #DesignUnlocked challenge, we wanted to encourage design novices to do something creative, while also learning something new every week. Since most of us were bored at home during the lockdown, it was an opportunity to get up and do something interesting (hence the name design “unlocked” 😉). 

We posted a lot of short design tutorials, tips, and tricks and asked you to submit your design every week. And despite the situation, we were delighted to see a lot of you participating and sending in your submissions! 

Image: One of the winning designs of #designunlocked. Made by @kiranpaultiwari 

Due to the great turnout in #DesignUnlocked, we were now sure that there were people who wanted to utilize some of their free time learning and developing new skills. 

We also created a dedicated Slack channel for all of the participants, as well as other design enthusiasts to share their works, knowledge, and interact with the experts at Leapfrog. If you want to learn more about those topics and socialize with like-minded people, join the channel now!

We here at Leapfrog want to keep sharing our expertise with those who want to learn and create an environment where everyone can teach, learn, and grow with each other as a community. This is why we will soon be coming up with more virtual programs and webinars on the topics that you have suggested! 

Until then, stay safe and keep learning!

Drishya Bhattarai

Drishya is a Digital Marketing Intern at Leapfrog and is currently a 4th-year Computer Engineering student. She is interested in SEO, Digital Marketing and Designing.

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