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Learning and Development Team: Fostering learning culture at Leapfrog

Leapfrog has always been about learning and growing together. For the past decade, we have been consistently planning and providing various learning opportunities to Leapfroggers in all areas.

So in 2019, we finally decided to form the Learning and Development (L&D) team with the dedicated goal of cultivating and nurturing the learning culture. The L&D team is an initiation of the HR team and it currently operates in alliance with the Engineering Management team. Together, the L&D team identifies the needs and provides learning opportunities to 400+ Leapfroggers.

Why the Learning and Development Team?

“Fostering learning culture” is one of the key values at Leapfrog. With the rapid increase in our employee numbers, we decided to expand this branch of HR to ensure that everyone could benefit equally from various training, workshops, and other learning opportunities.


  • Help Leapfoggers in their career by facilitating skill development continuously as per the company standards.
  • Enhance the culture of constant learning and development among all Leapfroggers, new and old.


The past couple of years hasn’t been easy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the fear of a new variant popping up every few months, it has been difficult for organizations all over the world, including Leapfrog.

Despite everything, we are really proud of what we were able to accomplish in the past two years: 

  1. We’ve organized 32 technical and non-technical learning programs for Leapfroggers from various faculties. These learnings have improved their skills significantly and helped them move ahead in their career. The training list has been mentioned at the end of this article.
  2. We’ve added two new self-learning platforms, and now we have four different online learning subscriptions: LinkedIn, Pluralsight, Udemy Business, and Educative.
  3. Along with various training and workshops, we have also brought in various certification programs like AWS Certification and the Udemy certification plan. 44% of our people have already earned their certifications through these programs.
  4. We have managed to build our pool of 28 trainers and mentors in this period.
  5. In 2021 alone, we conducted various training programs that included almost 40% of Leapfroggers.

The L&D team hopes to carry on the learnings from the previous years and organize an extensive range of training programs in 2022.


In the future, we plan to:

  • Grow our learning environment by creating a uniform system with defined processes that is inclusive and dedicated to providing equal opportunities.
  • Increase efficiency of the programs that are organized.
  • Help people define clear learning roadmaps that can direct them to qualitative career growth.
  • Build self-sustaining learning communities that help us become a progressively learning company.
  • Empower learning culture across the organization and make Leapfrog a fun and fruitful company to work at.

For more details, please reach out to lnd@lftechnology.com. Look out for Learning and Development Team updates in the Leapfrog Monthly Newsletter.

Learning and Development 2021 Timeline

List of training programs

  • Advanced Database
  • Advanced Excel
  • Basics of Database
  • Design Communication
  • DevOps Essential
  • Flutter Workshop
  • Github standard Practice
  • HR Analytics
  • Node JS
  • QA in a nutshell
  • React
  • Solid Principles
  • Technical Training for non-technical professionals
  • Data Science Weekend
  • Extensive DevOps Course
  • Workflow and Git
  • Frontend Design Level 0
  • Workflow and Git
  • Learn the ABCs of Communication
  • Python Web Development
  • Biz Dev Communication
  • Docker Basics

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