Living The Password-less Authentication Dream

Passwordless authentication platform enables unified authentication service on the web, mobile, or legacy applications. Using FIDO Alliance and WebAuthN, this system aims to amplify security and nullify the password vulnerability.  The principal objective of passwordless authentication is to allow users to enjoy a passwordless browsing experience.  

While 2-factor authentication has been used as a conventional login method in the past, FIDO and World Wide Consortium (W3C) WebAuthN standards are laying the ground for new password-free surfing. In collaboration with technology giants like Microsoft and Google, this platform enables an authentication protocol for users that is easy to use and a more secure alternative to the conventional 2FA authentication.

This passwordless authentication system links unique encrypted login details to each website, reducing the risks keystroke login, phishing, and various other attacks that record your input. 

Businesses can adopt this technology and help their customers by offering flexibility to use modern authenticators like biometrics, security keys, windows hello for frictionless transactions, and connections over the internet. This password less authentication can be enabled on your applications’ login page with a few code adjustments. FIDO Alliance and WebAuthN certified authentication on this platform help you improve your security, authentication, and overhaul user experience. 

How does our passwordless authentication work with the implementation of FIDO and WebAuthN?

Passwordless Authentication

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What problems do Passwordless Authentication provide answers to?

  • Passwords are the root cause of data breaches for more than 80% of the cases.
  • Most users have an average of  90 online accounts.
  • About 50% of the passwords are reused.
  • Almost ⅓ of the online purchases are abandoned due to forgotten passwords.
  • Companies spend an average of $70 for help desk labor costs for a password reset.

What benefits businesses/users get by using Passwordless Authentication?

  • Mitigate data breach risks and damages
  • Deploy services to rapidly growing addressable market
  • Friction-less user experience enhancing branding and productivity.
  • Saves costs by avoiding password resets and password related customer care service.
  • It eliminates password storage infrastructure and costs. 
  • It eliminates the need to remember and type passwords. 

What authentication factors does Passwordless authentication allow?

  • Passwordless authentication: Use any from biometrics, facial recognition, voice recognition, security key, or other authentication factors.
  • Second-factor authentication: Use additional authentication after passwordless authentication has been used.
  • Multiple factor authentication: Enable more than 2 authentication factors at once.

Leapfrog partnered with a technology startup company to build this passwordless authentication system that aims to provide businesses with a solution to the security problems faced due to password vulnerability. This passwordless authentication system provides answers to many digital security problems and meanwhile enhances the user browsing experience.

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