MVS: Digital Solution for COVID Vaccination Appointment Scheduling

Problem Statement

Mankind is facing one of the biggest challenges in recent history due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus worldwide. To overcome this crisis, every government in the world is in the process of vaccinating its citizens. There are two major challenges the government is facing right now. One is the availability of vaccines and another is how to manage and provide the appointment for vaccination programs to such a large number of people.   


As a technology company, we are doing our duty of helping society in such a situation by providing a way through which booking appointments for vaccination and management of vaccination programs can be simplified.   

Mass Vaccination Solution(MVS) is a cloud-based SaaS product that provides a solution for registering and scheduling for Covid-19 vaccination programs. MVS provides the ability to Hospitals/Organisations/Local Government bodies in the United States to set up clinics in specific locations, manage appointments and schedule for Covid-19 Vaccination based on the eligibility criteria set up by the government. 

The product is highly customizable with respect to eligibility questions, screening questions,  Vaccine brands, Number of doses etc. 

There are three main modules in the system i.e Manager App, Staff Registration App and Patient Registration App.

  • Manager App is used by the Admin to set up the clinics, create time slots for vaccination programs, initial data setup and do other admin-related tasks.
  • Staff Registration App is used by Staff Members who register individuals at the clinic for covid-19 vaccination. It is also used to update the status of the appointments to fulfill, cancel and reschedule etc.
  • Patient Registration App is used by Individual users to register themself in the system and book an appointment for covid-19 vaccination. Users can also cancel and reschedule their appointments.

Tech Stack

MVS tech stack 

The solution is built on Microsoft Power Platform(Power Apps, Power Flow, Power Automate) with Microsoft Dataverse as the data persistence layer.

There are three separate sites for Manager App, Staff Registration App and Patient Registration App.

  • The Manager App is built on PowerApps Model Driven App.
  • The Staff Registration App is built on PowerApps Canvas App.
  • The Patient Registration App is built using React and Node which Communicate with Power Apps using oData service.

The solution leverages the Microsoft Power Platform and Azure App Services along with Azure Function Apps and other Azure services for building secure and scalable solutions. 


MVS provides a digital platform for scheduling and registration for COVID vaccination. The application is built and tested to handle millions of appointments. 

For more information visit the link 

Diwakar Gaihre

Diwakar Gaihre is an Engineering Manager at Leapfrog. He loves traveling and exploring new places.

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