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Syntax 2021: Event Recap

Events are a big part of Leapfrog. We love organizing events that are fun but also informative and valuable to our Leapfroggers as well as the tech community outside. This year, we’ve been able to bring new ideas to the table through events like Design Disco, Leaps & Bonds, and recently, Syntax. 

Syntax 2021 was one of the biggest tech conferences in Nepal, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing speakers, enthusiastic participants, as well as our hard-working Leapfroggers. A lot went into planning Syntax 2021 and we are proud to have pulled it off so well.

Our goal for this event was to give back to the community by bringing in tech leaders from global companies like Google, Amazon, Cyclotron Group, and more. We also had Leapfrog veterans in the lineup and had some insightful lighting talks in between. 

Here’s a recap of everything that went on at this three-day tech event.

We had a total of 15 sessions in 3 days!

Day 1:

Micro-Frontends Decisions Framework (Luca Mezzalira)

Syntax 2021 started with Luca Mezzalira’s session about implementing micro-frontends using the Micro-Frontends Decisions Framework. Mezzalira is the Principal Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services.

Then & Now of Tech Industry in Nepal (Kailash Bijayananda)

After the first talk, we had a fun lightning session with the CTO of Leapfrog Technology, Kailash Bijayananda. It was an informative session where he talked about how the tech industry has evolved from then to now and his experiences. 

Automating the infrastructure (Sparsha Dotel)

In the second session, Sparsha Dotel, Lead Engineer at Leapfrog Technology, discussed the best practices and benefits of automating the infrastructure to create a feasible solution.

Managing & Leading the Team Remotely (Swechhya Bista)

As the second lightning talk of the day, Swechhya Bista, Lead Engineer at Leapfrog Technology, shared her experience in managing and leading her team while working from home due to the pandemic. 

Predictive Prefetching For the Web (Minko Gechev)

For the last session of Day 1, Minko Gechev, Developer Relations Lead at Google LLC, spoke about predicting the user journey and predictively prefetching essential assets to speed up page navigations. 

Day 2:

Beyond 12-Factor App in Cloud-Native Application (Sugam Shakya)

The second day of Syntax 2021 started with Sugam Shakya, Senior Software Engineer at Leapfrog Technology. In his short talk, he highlighted the fundamental concepts and guidelines for cloud-native applications based on the 12-factor app. 

Freedom of Remote Working (Biplab Subedi)

In the first lightning talk of Day 2, Biplab Subedi, Project Manager at Leapfrog Technology, talked about the freedom of remote working along with how it has changed the definition of work culture.  

How to Build Chatbots in Dataverse for Teams and Deploy as Apps (Uday Adhikari)

In this second session, Uday Adhikari, Senior Manager – Business Integration & Architecture at Accenture, talked about building Power Virtual Agents chatbots in Dataverse for Teams. 

Post Grad & Imposter Syndrome (Poonam Pahari) 

Next up was a lightning session by Poonam Pahari, Customer Success and Product Manager at Signetic. She shared her experiences about her post-graduation life and how she is dealing with imposter syndrome. 

Stop Microservices (Christian Hujer)

The second day ended with a session by Christian Hujer, founder of Nelkinda Software Craft. He discussed Microservices, their uses, and other best practices for the successful delivery of products and services. Christian has 35 years of experience in software development and software craft. 

Day 3:

Explore Amazon Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning Services (Anjani Phuyal)

In this first session of the last day, Anjani Phuyal, the Global CTO of Genese Solution, talked about Amazon Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Services that accelerate the journey of developers, data scientists, and expert practitioners. 

Why You Should Build Things for Yourself (Pratish Shrestha)

For this lightning session, Pratish Shrestha, Co-Founder of Honeycomb, talked about why it is important to build things for yourself. He also demonstrated personal projects and how the projects shaped his perception and his career.

Dev to Prod: Quest for better engineering practices (Robus Gauli)

Robus Gauli, Principal Engineer at Leapfrog Technology, highlighted the best engineering practices in the journey from development to the production stage of software development. 

Digital Marketing in Nepal (Abhishek Gupta)

This was the last lightning talk of Syntax 2021. We invited Abhishek Gupta, co-founder and CEO of TechLekh to share his experiences about digital marketing in the context of Nepal.

Success of a project (Kashif Heyat) 

To end this grand 3-day event, we had Kashif Heyat, founder of the digital and organizational transformation agency ZebraEdge Inc. In his discussion titled “Success of a project”, Kashif talked about the best engineering practices and solutions to deploy digital products that are user-friendly and successful. 

Syntax through the eyes of

The speakers

“Being part of Nepal’s biggest tech conference was an absolute pleasure. After the talk, many people from the audience reached out to me personally to discuss engineering problems that they were facing in their work and how they were able to relate. It gave me a personal boost to further put stuff out there and create a bigger impact in the tech scene. And yes, thank you Leapfrog, and the entire events team for the opportunity.”

Robus Gauli, Principal Engineer

“Sharing what you know is always a great experience because you will learn a lot during the process, and Syntax 2021 gave me that opportunity. I was excited to be a part of this event.”

Sugam Shakya, Senior Software Engineer

“Thank you leapfrog for letting me be a part of the wonderful panel of speakers. It was really wonderful to share the topic.

Sparsha Dotel, Lead Engineer

The participants

“Syntax 2021 helped me broaden my technical as well as architectural knowledge. I liked that the event was casual yet well-organized. The lightning sessions were great and I thoroughly enjoyed all the tech talks! Thank you for organizing this insightful event.”

Syntax 2021 Participant

The moderator 

“It was incredible hosting this three-day power-packed event. I got to learn and meet a lot of great minds and equally enthusiastic participants. I hope to host and attend more of these events brought by Leapfrog! Thanks for trusting me!”

Kritika Rajbhandari, Project Manager

The Events team

“With more than a month of planning and a lot of meetings that seemed like forever, Syntax 2021 rose to the occasion! The three days were beyond expression, with my heart in my throat and hands shaking. I’m super grateful to all the people involved for making the event such a huge success.” 

Pranjali Singh, Senior Events Officer

The Marketing team

“Syntax 2021 was a great experience for the team. Since the beginning, our aim was to reach a global audience and make the event a grand one. After days of planning, numerous meetings and collaborating with the Syntax team, we helped bring in a large number of audiences. It was satisfying to see the positive responses from the participants at the end.” 

Anish Sthapit, Digital Marketing

What’s next for Syntax?

Syntax 2021 was virtual, but we are more than excited to (spoiler alert) host an in-person event that’s even bigger and better next year. 

We are always learning from our experiences and planning the next event to be even more fun and informative. 

If you want to stay updated with the events and learning opportunities at Leapfrog, join our community at LeapNetwork.

You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 😉

Watch the recordings of all the sessions on our official YouTube channel.

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