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What made Syntax 2021 a success?

Leapfrog loves organizing events, big and small, on a regular basis. But what does it take to make an event successful? 

Leapfrog is proud to have organized events like Hack-Ed 2020, Webinars from the Future, Design Disco, and most recently, Syntax 2021. Through these events, we had one aim— to grow and foster the IT community in Nepal and enable learning opportunities for those seeking to enhance their careers. We aim to provide a platform to the audience as an opportunity to learn and exchange ideas. When we look back, the positive outcomes of these events motivate us to do better every time we organize an event.  

Whether it’s a development of software or organizing an event, it has only been possible because of the talented individuals at Leapfrog working together. In the pool of 350+ Leapfroggers, one team works hard to put everything together for these exciting events. That team is the Leapfrog Events team. And this piece highlights how the Events Team cross-collaborates within the company to meet the goal.  

After Design Disco, we organized Syntax 2021, one of the biggest virtual tech events in Nepal. The online international conference was held from 20th to 22nd August and connected developers, programmers, and tech enthusiasts of all backgrounds into one common platform. This platform inspired the learners to share their experiences, and ideas with tech leaders from around the globe. In this three-day tech event, our objective was to educate the audience through the ideas and experiences of the professionals in trending and innovative IT topics. 

How did the name Syntax 2021 come up?

One of our Leapfroggers, Rabin Bhandari, came up with the idea of organizing an event targeting tech enthusiasts around the world. Then a group of Leapfroggers started planning for the event. An event had to have a name in the first place. Each one of the team members came up with several names, and most of them were catchy enough.  As the event focused on the core topics related to trends and best practices of technology, we wanted to give a relevant title to the event. 

And as the team discussed the title, one of the Leapfroggers came up with the ‘Syntax’ and it just stuck! Talking about the term ‘Syntax’, it means the structure of statements in a computer language. Everyone was like, “Yes, that name is so cool, it can’t get better than this,…” 

Hence, Syntax 2021. 

What went through the planning of Syntax 2021?

Although we have been focusing on the Nepali IT community, this time we wanted to create a learning platform for the international audience as well. With that notion, we planned to invite professionals from top tech companies around the world. 

After rummaging through various networks in our contact, we finalized a pool to approach. But it was not that easy to confirm the international speakers due to different time zones. We had to find the perfect time slot in which the speakers would be comfortably available and at the same time would be appropriate for the global audience to attend. It was rocket science, after all. 

As we were all working remotely, infinite meetings became our infinity stones–just like what  Iron Man used to defeat his enemies and bring everything back together. We spent exactly 23 days preparing for the event during which the team went through 16 different meetings to make everything perfect. The Events, Design, Marketing, and Operations teams as well as the speakers, the host, and every individual aligned their efforts to ensure the success of the event. These long meetings were fruitful in the end.    

The Presenters

In the beginning, we reached out to the available speakers through different channels and pitched our idea for Syntax 2021. Ultimately, they loved the idea of the conference and were eventually onboarded. 

After connecting through emails and messages, we finally shortlisted, based on time and availability, nine speakers among the 23 we had in our connection. The speakers included six international tech leaders and three Leapfrog veterans who have been working as engineers for several years.

Whether it is a physical event in a grand seminar hall or a virtual global event, the expectation of the audience is the same. To meet that expectation or the goal of your event, you have to pre-plan everything. 

The first step was to approach all the available speakers. It was important to connect with them for both pre-event and post-event. One of the biggest challenges was to communicate with the speakers simultaneously due to the time differences. We collected all the resources, including the necessary description of the event, website, best suitable platform to connect, expected audience, and the suitable time for all the speakers. 

In the end, the speakers we managed to rope in provided impactful sessions which made Syntax 2021 fun, engaging, and ultimately a success. 

Some of the speakers and the host also shared their experiences of the event.

The Website

Before starting, we had an important thing to do – develop a website for Syntax 2021. Kudos to all the designers and developers involved in building a website that was one of the main assets of Syntax 2021. 

The website was a center of information for all the interested speakers and audiences. While the audience could easily register for the event through it, the speakers could also register on the website, which helped us finalize the guild more conveniently. 

Online promotion of Syntax 2021

We had to get registrations from both the Nepali IT community as well as the international audience. And we managed to surpass our own initial expectations. It was all possible with the help of Leapfrog’s Digital Marketing team and one of the designers at Leapfrog, Bibek Shrestha. 

Together, the team prepared a total of 28 creatives, including posters and videos. We used those to both inform the audience and promote the event. We made sure that the respective posters and content delivered a clear message so that the audience could grab every detail regarding Syntax 2021. Talking about numbers, by the final day of the registration, there were 6,567 total website visitors. 

Watch the series of Syntax 2021 posts on our official Instagram page.   

Other than social media platforms, Syntax 2021 was covered in the newspapers and various digital outlets

The event was finally live!

After 23 days of sheer effort from the entire team, the global tech event finally began. By the end, we had received 1336 registrations out of which 873 people attended the event. For the backends of Syntax 2021, the three-day event was full of an adrenaline rush where everyone was excited and nervous at the same time. The team effort paid off as we successfully ended Syntax 2021 having confirmed that all the speakers and the participants enjoyed the event and left positive responses. 

Sworup Shakya from the Events team says, “All those panicking moments, uncountable meetings, and messages during the events are worth remembering. With Syntax, we tried to touch and cater to a lot of tech topics by inviting global professionals. The event just exceeded our expectations in the number of attendees, and their engagement in the sessions.”

Syntax 2021, is not a ‘one-hit wonder’ though. It will be back again next year with more fun, excitement, and new things to learn. 

Watch the recordings of all the sessions on our official YouTube channel. 🙂

Anish Sthapit

Anish is a Digital Marketer at Leapfrog. He loves to create content and help brands to leverage their online presence with the help of digital marketing.

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