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In the new world, the companies that build, learn, and evolve the fastest will win.

Our people and processes are built for speed of iteration and innovation. We use world-class product engineering and lean methodologies to transform businesses, launch startups, leverage AI, and produce new paradigms of Healthcare, Design and Data and AI.

products & technology

Innovation. Reliably delivered.

Building the right product is hard. Technology-driven transformations are risky. At Leapfrog, we use modern methods to systematically produce products and technology that win.

We design and develop by learning about your business and technology needs, validating the riskiest assumptions upfront, and rapidly launching and refining until we succeed together. In our experience, this approach helps produce digital products and solutions that are viable and scalable.

In workspace, One employee works on a laptop while another guides, creating innovative solutions collaboratively.
Employees working on a office setup.

team augmentation

Build your dream team.

Growing an elite product engineering team is hard. We have over 450 people that can fill in your missing pieces.

They are engineers, designers, and product managers handpicked for their talent, teamwork, and growth mindset. They come trained on modern best practices for distributed work and moving fast without breaking things.


Go from idea to reality.

Crafting the perfect product is challenging. We're passionate about designing experiences that are not only delightful but also useful, insightful, and primed for widespread adoption.

Bring your vision to life with Leapfrog's experience-driven approach. Our experts seek to understand your business, the problems you're solving, and guide you each step of the way.

One employee on a tablet, another sketching on paper, bringing client ideas to life through prototypes and low-fidelity designs.
Three data engineers working together with two laptops on AI/ML solutions.

data & ai

Master your data. Fuel growth.

Cloud-based solutions for world-class security, scalability and cost-effectiveness

We harness the potential of data and artificial intelligence, including the cutting-edge capabilities of generative AI, to drive innovation, insights, and growth. With our expert team and comprehensive services, spanning data engineering, advanced analytics, and AI/ML solutions, we unlock the hidden value in your data.

devops & cloud

Security meets scalability.

Elevate your business with tailored data-driven experiences.

We can provide you with the right solution in any cloud platform of your choice from AWS to Azure. Utilize the power of the cloud to deploy your applications while keeping all the resources available and secure.

Three data engineers working together with two laptops on AI/ML solutions.