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First-ever UX Design Internship, For Women By Women

Leapfrog is conducting its first-ever UX Design Internship. This time, we are making this position available only for women. It will be solely conducted by a team of highly talented and experienced women from different departments here at Leapfrog. This is our initiative to honor the hard work and dedication women show despite facing several gender biases and stereotypes.

We are looking for talents who have a strong passion for designing a smooth experience to bridge the gap between users, products, and technology. With help from our incredible mentors, you will receive basic to advanced training in the UX/UI field. You will also get an opportunity to work on real-time projects in the company.

So, we’ve put together a list of questions we received from interested applicants about the internship and answered them all here.

Internship Details

Duration: 6 weeks

Timing: Full-time, 9 am – 6 pm

Number of interns: 10 (Only females)

Application deadline – Apr 9, 2021

Program start – May 31, 2021


What are the qualifications and minimum requirements?

To be eligible for the internship, candidates must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Minimum requirements:
    1. Candidates must be able to work full-time for 6 weeks.
    2. This position is only available for Nepalese citizens. 
    3. Candidates should not be working professionally elsewhere.
  2. Recommended, but not required:
    1. Basic knowledge of design tools (Figma, PS, Sketch, XD) along with  HTML/CSS.
    2. Candidates are encouraged to attach their work along with their resumes.
    3. Bachelor’s Degree (recommended), preferably in IT/CS or Engineering.
      (Please make sure your classes and exam time do not clash with the Internship duration.)
  3. Notes: 
    1. No previous experience required. Beginners are highly encouraged to apply for the position.
    2. Candidates must be willing to work with Leapfrog after the completion of the internship.

When is the deadline for the applications?

All the applications must be submitted by 9th April 2021. Shortlisted candidates will be notified for a written test to evaluate their creative, technical, and analytical skills. 

Note: Dates are subjected to change. Applicants will be notified beforehand.

What is the screening process like?

We have a four-step application/screening process. After applying, shortlisted candidates will receive an assignment to test their basic skills. The candidates will then have a video interview with our senior team members. If you want to know more about the screening process, please visit our internship page.

How should I apply?

Please send your application through the UX design internship opening page on our website by 9th April 2021. Also, feel free to attach your work or portfolio if you have one.

Will I be eligible if I have previous experience in different fields (software engineering, administrative work, UI)?

Yes, applicants with previous experience in other fields are encouraged to apply, as long as the candidates meet the minimum requirements.

Job Description

Are there any course outlines that you could provide regarding what we will learn?

We will provide the internship outline to selected candidates, prior to starting the internship.

What type of projects will I be working on?

As a part of this internship, candidates will be assigned to various real-time projects. More information will be disclosed during the internship. 

Is it a part-time or a full-time internship?

This is a full-time gig. Interns must commit for 6 weeks from 9 am-6 pm, Monday to Friday. This timing is not flexible and you must be able to commit to the schedule.  

Will I be paid for this internship?

Yes, all the interns will be rightly compensated. 

Note: Interns do not need to pay any application fee or internship fee to the company.

Bonus Tips

What should I expect from the written examinations?

You will be assigned to do a simple UX design project. You will also have to do competitive research and assemble everything in a proper case study.

What should I expect from the interview?

In the interview, you will be expected to demonstrate your logical reasoning skills and talk about your experiences so far.

General FAQs

How many positions are available for the Internship?

We are hiring 10 female interns.

Can the schedule be adjusted if my college starts or if I have exams in the middle of my internship?

All interns must commence the internship on the stipulated date itself. Unfortunately, they cannot join in later. Hence, we prefer candidates who have completed their bachelor’s degree or have at least completed their final exams.

Do I need to commute to the office every day?

Even though the program is mostly remote due to COVID-19, this is not a remote-only job. All interns should be able to work from the office when required.

Do I need my own laptop?

Yes, you should have your own laptop. Since we will be working remotely, basic remote working gears like headphones/earphones would be required. 

What happens after the internship?

Deserving candidates will be hired as Associate UX Designer. 🙂

Will I receive a training certificate? 

No. But you will receive an experience letter after the completion of this internship.


Do we have to use specific design tools?

We use Figma the most here at Leapfrog.  But please feel free to use Photoshop, Sketch App, Adobe XD, or any design tool that you are comfortable with. 

What is competitive research and what kind of references should we use?

Competitive research involves the process of identifying competitors, their strengths, and their weaknesses. For the assignment, we recommend finding direct competitors for the research. But again, this is not compulsory and you can use indirect competitors for the research as well.

Should the competitors be from inside Nepal or will international competitors work too?

You can choose any competitor within or outside of Nepal for the research.

Can we use dummy text (lorem ipsum) in our designs?

We are looking for attention to detail and how passionate you are about UX Design. So, we encourage you to put actual content wherever needed instead of using lorem ipsum or other dummy texts. 

Does our design have to be interactive?

For the assignment, the requirement is to create a pleasing UI design. Prototyping it or making it interactive isn’t necessary, but you will be getting some brownie points for it. 😉

Do we have to use the same icons, and pictures that you’ve provided?

We have provided a folder containing all the necessary logos, pictures, and icons for your ease. You can either use them or find other free icon packs or picture libraries and use what you like.

How can I submit the assignment?

After you have completed the assignment, please submit the case study (PDF) in the same assignment mail that we sent you earlier. Remember to include all the links to resources and source files in the References section of the case study.

If you are interested in other areas apart from the UX Design internship, you can share your resume and profile at career@lftechnology.com or visit our career page.

If you want to learn more about our culture and what it is like to work here, read some of the previous experiences of our interns.

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