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Healthier futures, delivered.

Over the past 10 years, Leapfrog has partnered with a diverse array of healthcare innovators who were challenged to build specialized and compliant solutions. Solutions that required complex UX, data, cloud, and security development.

We have helped launch and scale over 50 digital health products across patient engagement, clinical workflow, revenue cycle management, and more.

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Years of experience in healthcare


Digital health products launched


Trained workforce in digital health

Technology for innovative healthcare

We accelerate your initiatives with experts who have launched dozens of successful healthcare solutions. We are a team of developers, designers, data engineers and health domain experts that specialize in building healthcare solutions.

Innovate with experts and engineers

We build unique health app experiences to empower patients, physicians, and payers. From new workflows, to useful dashboards, to mobile apps and wearables - we have a breadth of experience with modern healthcare.

Unlock the value of your data

We speak fluent FHIR, HL7v2, SQL, and EHR APIs. We are experts at processing, analyzing, and visualizing healthcare data. We’re experienced across ETL, data warehouses, data science, and machine learning. We help use data in smarter ways to empower patients and providers.

Be secure from the ground up

HIPAA and data security are table stakes for any healthcare solution. We have you covered for policies, privacy, data integration, and data security. We help navigate HIPAA compliance, SOC2, and instrument a culture of security into your applications and team.

Our expertise in healthcare

Our healthcare expertise drives transformative solutions that improve efficiency, revenue, outcomes, and satisfaction.

Patient Engagement

Elevate patient experience with interactive interfaces and personalized communication for seamless engagement, fostering better health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Knowledge Base

Empower healthcare professionals with a robust knowledge base. We can help you enhance accessibility, collaboration, and information sharing, facilitating informed decision-making for improved patient care.

Modernizing Legacy Apps

Transform outdated healthcare applications with cutting-edge technology to enhance system efficiency, user experience, and ensure compliance with evolving industry standards.

Health Systems Integration

Streamline healthcare operations by integrating disparate systems with better interoperability, data flow optimization, and a cohesive health IT ecosystem, ultimately improving efficiency and patient care.

Data Modeling and Visualization

Unlock the power of healthcare data through advanced modeling and visualization. We can help you translate complex data into actionable insights, aiding healthcare professionals in making informed decisions for better patient outcomes.

Machine Learning, GenAI

Harness the potential of data science and machine learning for predictive analytics, personalized medicine, data-driven decisions, and healthcare resource allocation. Leverage large language models (LLMs) to offer personalized and humanized experiences to patients and physicians.


How Leapfrog helped the City of Seattle vaccinate over 334,000 people

We beat Salesforce and Microsoft to be selected by City of Seattle as the end-to-end vaccination solution that made Seattle become the 1st large US city to reach 70% full vaccinations. This made up King County's 82% doses.

We speak fluent digital health

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