His Excellency Randy Berry Inaugurates Leapfrog’s New Wing

We were honored to have the American ambassador to Nepal His Excellency (H.E.) Randy Berry inaugurate the new wing at Leapfrog last week. H.E Randy berry’s visit marked the beginning of our journey to becoming a center of innovation in Nepal. The new wing will host the brightest minds and become a home to technological transformation.

The ambassador was accompanied by Molly Rivera-Olds, Commercial Officer of the US embassy.

The event started with H.E Randy Berry inaugurating the new wing by lighting a “Sukunda” a traditional Nepali oil lamp used during auspicious occasions. Leapfroggers welcomed his presence and were encouraged by his wisdom to develop Nepal as one of the tech-centers in the world. We certainly believe that with young talents and brilliant minds in the nation, we can engrave a mark on the global tech map.

H.E Randy Berry Leapfrog visit

Furthermore, we got the opportunity to showcase the ongoing Leapfrog projects to H.E Randy Berry. Different project teams came together to present various projects Leapfrog has been delivering for the clients and the impact we were making through them. We also had an opportunity to host him for a company visit where he, with his team, toured the new and the existing Leapfrog premises. While touring, the management team explained the Leapfrog culture, processes and teams.

H.E Randy Beerry visits Leapfrog

We are grateful to H.E Randy Berry for being a part of our journey to technical innovation and uplifting Nepal in the global tech map. H.E Randy Berry took the time to interact with Leapfroggers, and we were awed by his down to earth nature. We enjoyed and appreciated his presence and look forward to further engagements in the future.

H.E Randy Berry visits Leapfrog

This was an opportunity for mutual respect sharing and building a good relationship moving forward. And we can say now, that opportunity was well-taken. Mission accomplished!

Suja Manandhar

Suja Manandhar is a Business Development Officer at Leapfrog Technology Inc. She is an avid reader and loves to explore about the impacts technology creates in businesses.

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