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Thank you for organizing this event and for giving an opportunity to learn and share.”

“Such an incredible interaction.”

Really glad to become a participant of such worthy event. Thank you so much for taking the initiation.”

Had a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people.”

These were some of the comments we received about the Project Management Seminar.
We feel so content and energized to hear such positive remarks from our project manager community. 
We hosted the seminar last weekend on the very foundation of bringing together project managers and leaders in the software industry. This one-day event was focused on knowledge sharing about the strategies implemented for managing the end to end processes of the project lifecycle for software development. We discussed various approaches, processes, and tools used by project managers across the community to solve their project management problems.

PM Hub Kathmandu

Birth of an idea

It all started with a small idea. When I first started working as a Project Manager, I had difficulty validating my knowledge and work. Back in those days, I constantly wondered if the project management practices we followed at Leapfrog were similar to other software services companies. Well, managing the project constraints like time, cost, quality, scope, resources, etc is not easy at all. And these days, we even wear multiple hats like Product Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc. depending on the nature and structure of a project. Over the years, I have heard of similar experiences from my colleagues and counterparts inside and outside Leapfrog. 

This led us to start a group in Leapfrog’s slack where Project Managers can ask questions about anything related to Project Management or processes and get answers. This slack channel has been very useful for us. But, we wanted to expand that idea and share it with the community for a greater impact — as we know that learning from others is how successful people build their careers.

Launching the initiative

Our Project Management team started planning to organize a seminar that focused on open discussion and knowledge sharing. With detailed plan and multiple dry runs, our organizing team including the project managers were ready for the big day. Most of us had the same feeling – “Will the participants resonate with what we are trying to do?”, “Will they actively participate in the group discussions?” and “Will they find our seminar format engaging?”

PM Hub Discussion

We were pleasantly surprised to get positive responses to all of our questions. In the end, it was really great to come together and interact with project managers, product managers, scrum masters, technology managers, etc from many distinguished software product and services companies in Nepal. This seminar made one thing clear. There are many people following project management practices and looking for validation of their knowledge. They like to share and learn from the community. Many of us had similar questions to ask during our group discussion. 

We discussed a lot of questions put forward by the participants. We may not have been able to discuss all of them. But, we certainly had very good thoughts to share for the questions we talked about. 

“What could be the possible reasons for the discrepancy in estimation during project proposal and execution? 

“How do you deal with people problems during execution?”

“How to say No to a customer in an appealing way?”

PM Hub Questions

Here’s a list of questions that were put forward by the participants for discussion. 

Open knowledge forum: #pmhub

We plan to keep the continuous learning going with the help of a new LinkedIn group called “The Project Management Hub” #pmhub, an open knowledge forum. 

PM Hub Cover

We had tons of fun and left feeling content and happy. We certainly look forward to hosting this event again in the future with more meaningful and exciting themes.

About the Author

Pratik Shrestha
Principal Project Manager

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