Introducing Appignitor

“The fastest and easiest way to get good app feedback.”

Collaboration is crucial for building awesome apps

We work remotely. Remote work is a reality in most working environment. This benefits companies by bringing together diverse and talented people from around the world. That being said, working remotely does not always make collaboration easy.

You are working on a mobile app as a mobile developer. You want to build an awesome app. You send great new features in a .apk or a .ipa file for your team members. The developers, product managers, clients test and give feedback. After viewing the app, your client schedules a sync up call — keeping in mind the time difference— with the project manager and the developer to provide feedback.

Continuous feedback is important. What’s not important is having to download, install, uninstall, and download again– and that’s before even testing anything. If you do this once, it’s fine, but to do this every day, is an ongoing problem. Inevitably, some information might get lost in the shuffle, despite many hours spent documenting and tracking feedback.

Your time is wasted drudging through cumbersome, repetitive tasks to create and distribute the build and following sync up calls. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down on time spent on avoidable skype calls, hours of logistical work, lengthy app testing, writing summary notes, and giving feedback? Our work should revolve around building amazing user experiences, not the other way around.

We are launching Appignitor – the fastest and easiest way to get good app feedback. We are bridging the communication gap with one easy-to-use platform. We know asynchronous collaboration is crucial so we’ve build Appignitor.

With Appignitor, we are bringing efficiency to your daily app development lifecycle. We are not reinventing the wheel, but simplifying an existing process. We are making it easy for app developers, project managers, and clients to build amazing apps without any hassle.

With Appignitor you can:

  • Deploy, distribute and share mobile apps
  • Gather contextual feedback directly where the problem occurs, eliminating any confusion
  • Built-in transparency

Simple sharing – app distribution has never been easier


Appignitor creates the build and distributes it among the team members for testing and feedback. You can share your latest app simply by sharing a link. With a summary of change messages from the repository,  you don’t have to write what went in the build.  You save two developer hours daily of logistical work to prepare and distribute the app and write summary notes.

Effortless Collaboration



Appignitor makes giving feedback fast and easy. You can view and test the app right in your browser- – saving download and install time.  Clients, collaborators, and team members can comment directly on the app. You can view the app in different screen sizes and OS in the browser.

A developer can watch a video of client’s end-to-end interaction including where they clicked, scrolled, and commented. The logged clicks and scrolls allow the developer to recognize where the client struggled with the interface so they can make necessary improvements to the app. Contextual feedback recorded or placed directly where the problem occurred eliminates any confusion. Your team can see the client’s experience in real-time. You’ll never have to jeopardize their schedule to accommodate time differences for meetings, and the entire feedback can be given asynchronously.

Built-in transparency


Appignitor makes the whole process more efficient and streamlined. You can easily run quality-checks and maintain progress reports without compiling the feedback that’s scattered across many places.

Team members, project managers, and clients can view feedback in one itemized location. You can quickly check off items as you move along. Best of all, Appignitor stores every version of the app. You can track changes and feedback from version to version

Appignitor saves a lot of time for everybody.


Appignitor transforms the entire app development process by bringing together clients and remote development teams closer.

We’d love to hear how your teams share and gather feedback while developing mobile apps. Head up to and sign up to get early access invitation. Until next time — happy collaborating!

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