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  • Apple Releases iOS 11.1 Beta 3

    Apple Releases iOS 11.1 Beta 3

    Apple released iOS 11.1 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users who are enrolled in the beta testing programs. tvOS 11.1 beta 3 and watchOS 4.1 beta 3 are also available for beta testing too. iOS 11.1 focuses on bug fixes and feature enhancements, hundreds of new emojis, re-includes the 3D Touch gesture […]

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  • Dell Technologies IQT Event

    Dell Technologies hosts IQT Event

    Dell had held its IQT event in New York City. Dell is referring to its IoT strategy as a “distributed model”—running counter to the highly-centralized public cloud computing model that has gained popularity in recent years. The distributed core is not an entirely unique approach—Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Cisco Systems are also pursuing a similar […]

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  • AT&T heading towards enterprise IoT

    AT&T heading towards enterprise IoT

    AT&T and TUMI, a luggage company have collaborated for entering the consumer market. Besides that AT&T is also eyeing the enterprise market which is worth billions of dollars. In collaboration with Microsoft (MSFT), AT&T has built an IoT management platform called Operations Center for the enterprise market. It is designed to simplify the way businesses […]

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  • Node.js enterprise security gets better

    Node.js enterprise security gets better

    Node.js Interactive North America, npm, Inc. announced new enterprise-grade security features for users of npm and the npm Registry. It added two-factor authentication for publishing packages and read-only authentication tokens. npm is the first software registry to provide two-factor authentication for publishers. The 8.8 million developers and hundreds and thousands of companies who download over […]

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  • Microsoft Edge for Android now available on the Play Store

    Microsoft Edge for Android now available

    Microsoft made Android version of the new Edge browser available on the Play Store. Last week Microsoft had released Edge on iOS and Android for Windows Insider users. Microsoft Edge on iOS and Android is for the users who use it on desktop and want to sync with it. It is similar to Safari and […]

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  • Kotlin overtakes Java among Android developers

    Kotlin overtakes Java among Android developers

    Since Google officially made Kotlin a first-class language for writing Android apps, announced at Google I/O in May 2017, 20 percent of applications were built using Kotlin since the conference which had previously been built with Java. The percentage of Android applications built using Java decreased by 6.1 percent and dropped from 50.7 percent to […]

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  • Device Fragmentation - A real challenge in Mobile Testing

    How to overcome device fragmentation during mobile testing?

    The mobile market is growing faster than a beanstalk. The number of active mobile devices and human beings crossed over somewhere around the 7.19 billion mark. How should a mobile tester perform testing? What are the challenges during mobile testing? One of the prominent challenges we face in mobile testing occurs due to Device Fragmentation. […]

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  • SAP and VMware partners for IoT

    SAP and VMware partners for IoT

    SAP and VMware have partnered up for IoT projects across devices, infrastructure, the cloud, and other applications. The overall goal is to enable fast deployment, scalability, and on-schedule execution of IoT projects which will accelerate and streamline enterprise IoT initiatives. VMware and SAP plan to offer their clients solutions which offer real-time visibility into IoT […]

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  • Twitter builds reference center for developers

    Twitter builds reference center for developers

    Twitter built a complete reference center for its platform by combining and It has become easier with this amalgamation to find the endpoints and guidance needed to build on Twitter due to reorganized documentation and API reference materials. According to Andy Piper (Twitter staff developer advocate), apart from relocating the content from […]

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  • Google Pixel 2 event

    Google Pixel 2 event

    Google has launched a couple of new products including the latest Pixel phones, Home speakers, and a high-end Pixelbook. Google unveils Pixel 2, new home speakers and Pixel Bud headphones that can translate speech in real time.  The Pixel 2 and larger Pixel 2 XL were unveiled at a special event in San Francisco. The edge-to-edge […]

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  • The All-New App Store

    The All-New App Store

    Apple had announced an update to the App Store. The updated platform focuses on sharing the stories behind a variety of apps, video displays and highlighting in-app purchases, among other things. With the recent design, graphics are more important than ever since killer graphics drive click-through rates, which drive rankings. Ratings and reviews have become […]

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  • A new native framework for iOS apps, Reactant

    A new native framework for iOS apps, Reactant

    Reactant is a framework that makes it easy to program iOS apps. A small Czech team called Brightify created this Swift-based framework that offers live-reload of code, allowing you to add elements on the fly as you program. The Reactant architecture dictates how to structure an iOS project from start to finish. It allows highly […]

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